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Using the WaooMart Website:

You agree to abide by the Terms of Use, notices, usage policies and all disclaimers and terms and conditions listed on the WaooMart website.

WaooMart reserves the right to make changes to the Website, the Terms of Use and the Legal Notifications at any time. Every time you use the WaooMart website, you should consult the Terms of Use, Legal Notifications and Privacy Policy in force at that time, which apply to transactions and use of the site. If you are dissatisfied with the content of the WaooMart website, its content, the Terms of Use or Legal Notices, you agree that the only available solution is to stop using the WaooMart.

It is prohibited to use the site improperly, falsify the identity of a user, use purchasing agents and carry out fraudulent activities on the site.


You expressly agree that use of the WaooMart website is at your sole risk. The Best Buy website is provided "as is" and "as available". Neither Best Buy nor its parent company which have no affiliates. As WaooMart is a third-party shipping amazon product in Pakistan so, we don’t guarantee the accuracy or completeness products for sale on the site. No verbal advice or written information from WaooMart will constitute a guarantee.

Product Display

WaooMart aims to display product images as accurately as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that the color you see matches the color of the product, as the color display depends, in part, on the monitor you use.

Here are some points that should be kept in consideration while making a purchase from WaooMart ;

* Age limit for making online purchases at this website is 18, if you are younger, make sure you perform acts under parental/guardian control.
* Will I require to pay more/less if the dollar rate goes up/down for my product between my date of order placement and the date of delivery?
* This website is only for online Amazon shopping and purchasing purposes in Pakistan.
* Make sure your account is registered before placing orders.
* Only registered accounts will be able to access our staff members for online queries.
* We will keep notifying you about the updates and new products on website via email and contact number you provide us.
* No need to get account registered while just visiting website.
* All the products available are high-end products imported from Amazon with the same Amazon price in Pakistan.
* If you cancel an order after it is being placed, you will have to pay some amount according to the product.
* No abusive language will be tolerated in the comments or feedback section. This may lead to blocking of your account.
* Only right information is encouraged for your accounts on this website.
* We encourage you to use your real name and information, strictly prohibiting the use of fake name, ID, or contact.
* In case of wrong shipping information provided by customers, we will not be responsible for the loss.
* Make sure you put forward your queries regarding damaged products within 3 days of parcel receiving. No complaints will be entertained otherwise after 3 days.
* Make sure the US manufactured products at the website complement your requirements. Check out in detail about the electronics specially and their operating powers, as no refund for such issues will be provided.
* Keep a regular check of terms and conditions which could be liable of changes from time to time.
* This website is strictly NOT for illegal purposes. In case of any such doubt, your registration will be terminated and account will be blocked.
* All the purchases will be made under the official laws of Pakistan.
* We make sure you start online shopping after reading and accepting all of our terms and conditions.

Intellectual Property Rights

All content that makes up and features on WaooMart website, including information, data, software, photos, graphics, videos, fonts, music, sounds and other material (collectively, "Content"), is protected by copyright. , trademark, patent or other intellectual property rights, and such rights are valid and protected in all formats, media and technologies that are current or future development. All Content is protected by copyright as a joint work covered by the laws of copyright and industrial property, in Pakistan. WaooMart owns the copyright in regards to the selection, coordination, arrangement, updating and use of all Content.