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Sell Products on Amazon

WaooMart allows its vendors an exclusive offer of selling any highly valued product on Amazon. Whether you have an established business or you have a passion to sell on Amazon WaooMart can assist you with that. After your vendor account has been approved, you can start selling on WaooMart. Once your product start getting recognization and become one of the top selling products on WaooMart, we will offer an opportunity to sell them on Amazon. This offer is for our vendors whose products are widely sold.

High Selling Products Will Be Listed on Amazon

The fact that only high selling products will be listed on Amazon is because those products can also perform better on Amazon. Thus, if you have any fabulous product that has a chance to become hot selling, then never delay contacting us and becoming our vendor. Regardless of how many products you are selling on our website as a vendor the products with high sale value will be listed on Amazon. If out of many products only one or two products become high selling then only those products will be listed on Amazon.

Our policy for becoming an Amazon seller are not very strict. Just your product has to be winning for the customers to become an Amazon seller. In this way, you will not have to make an Amazon seller account and skip all the hassel. We won't be requiring any kind of credit card, tax information, and bank account details to become an Amazon seller. Everything will be managed by WaooMart. Fulfilling the orders, respond to the customer questions, adding professional quality products and photos and listing your products on Amazon will be done by us.

High selling products enhance the credibility of a business. Customers will never mistrust the business if their products are high selling. This is where selling these products can inspire the community. Moreover, new markets can be approached easily through this. That is why, if a product is high selling on one website the chances will be high that they will perform better on another website. That is why, WaooMart always encourage high selling products which can bring seamless product experience and offer better branding. WaooMart exclusively offer this opportunity for high selling products by vendors as they can easily beat the competition. This kind of high selling products usually do not need marketing expenditure. The products will act as advertisers of their associated brand attracting the customers on Amazon.

Permanent Partners with WaooMart

Once your products are listed on Amazon and they start performing very good, we will offer you an opportunity to become our permanent partners. After becoming a permanent partner, all kind of vendors will have different perks. We can offer cost savings opportunities for our vendors. In addition to that we will offer more business opportunities to our vendors. Furthermore, more freedom will be offered for the management after partnership of vendors will have greater access to the company and business details. It will help our vendors in bridging the gap in expertise and knowledge. The mutual growth can be insured after partnership. The financial burden and expenditures need to run the business can be lessen which will ultimately allow to make more substantial savings.

Above all, our vendors will have great moral support from us. Your ideas will be welcomed at WaooMart. Moreover, we can collaborate Audi brief on important issues regarding the business. There will be greater tax benefit in partnership with us and exploring new possibilities and new perspectives will be easy.

Commissions on Amazon Listing

The commissions on Amazon listing will be different but they will be as beneficial for our vendors. Our vendors who have listed their products on our website can earn huge profit margins on Amazon. After the selection of products to be listed on Amazon the commission will be different. Just like on WaooMart, the commission for each category is different, in the same way, when products will be listed on Amazon, the commission will be decided based on the category of a product. The reason for changing the commission is because Amazon is a much bigger platform with millions of online customers. The price can also be negotiated as per the product category and the commission will be decided accordingly. The reason for enhancing the commission is because on Amazon the market is very active. The products can get immediate recognition and become a hot selling product within no time.

Directly Check Products on Amazon

When our vendors’ products are listed on Amazon, there will be greater benefits. We always realise the fact that our vendors satisfaction is very important. That is why we offer exclusive money making opportunities for our vendors by selling more on Amazon. Not only it will allow our vendors to sell more but also, we allow our vendors a greater control and check on the process. We ensure a transparent process of listing products on Amazon. All vendors can directly check the listed products on Amazon. That is how our process is 100% guaranteed. The products listed on Amazon can bring huge benefits for our vendors.

All the policies regarding the terms and condition of selling products on WaooMart will be almost the same when products will be listed on Amazon. The order management will be done by WaooMArt and the vendors will be paid by the next month. The vendors cannot claim any kind of payment beforehand. Executives at WaooMart will have full control over the process and in case our vendors do not follow the terms and distance we will have the right to dismiss your account and products at anytime.