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We live in a world in which technology constantly evolves and if you don't, you are left behind. At Apple they know that to sell you have to show new things and innovate. One of the things Apple excels at above its competitors is in the field of research and innovation. The investments made by the world's most valuable research company are enormous, and not in vain. Because if Apple knows something to do well, it is to stay ahead of the competition. We all agree on this, the Cupertino people know better than anyone that innovating means not having competition in the market. Without a doubt, they know how to take advantage of this and sometimes, in such a way that we do not even realize it.

But in Apple they have an ugly habit that analyzing a little the latest keynotes we realize. Those of Cupertino tend to sell as something innovative and unique things that they did before but ignored. What does this mean? That in Apple they know how to sell the characteristics of their products to make them look spectacular.

Spectacular Features of Apple Products

The most recent example is with the diamond polished finish of the iPhone 11. In the presentation of this terminal they emphasized how well the exterior of the iPhone 11 was polished, thanks to an -innovative- diamond polishing technique. Well, this has already been done since the previous iPhones, but of course, they have all made us believe that it is something new and only used in the iPhone 11.

The same thing happens with the unibody case of the MacBook Pro, in its presentation it stood out and boasted of the use of a unique case that, being unibody, took up less space, weighed less and was more resistant. And the case of the MacBook Air? Have they overlooked that this is also unibody?

Sometimes it becomes very interesting to see the type of marketing strategies that companies use, and Apple was not going to be less. It may be a bit ugly for companies at the level of Apple to have to resort to this method, but it is just another sales practice. Of course, having to highlight characteristics of old terminals in new terminals can sometimes mean the lack of innovation, and there I leave it.

Apple Products in Pakistan

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