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Inkbird Grill Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer Wireless IBT-6XS, 6 Probes Digital Smoker Grill Thermometer for Cooking,150ft Bluetooth Meat Thermometer, Magnet, Timer, Alarm for Kitchen, Food,Black

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Asin: B07R6H558K
Product weight: 1.06 Pounds
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About this item This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. P.when("ReplacementPartsBulletLoader").execute(function(module){ module.initializeDPX(); }) ?????Rechargeable Battery?This Inkbird bluetooth meat thermometer is built-in 1000mAh rechargeable lithium battery and comes with 1.64ft USB charging cable. The wireless BBQ meat Thermometer can last about 40 hours once fully charged. More convenient and environmentally and you can visually observe the battery level on the APP. Please note: Only support the charging cable with 5V 1000mAh. ?????6 probes Smoker Thermometer? IBT-6XS wireless grill thermometer has 6 sockets support 6 probes at the same time, which can satisfy your diversified cooking plan. Temperature range is32° F ~ 572 ° F(Short-time measurement),32° F~ 482 ° F (continuous monitoring). Please firmly inserted the probes into ports to get accurate readings of this smoker thermometer. ?????Magnetic Design and Rotatable Screen? The magnetic design on the back of the digital cooking grill thermometer could be adsorbed on the smoker or oven ect. strongly. BTW, double press the power button can give you readable up and down rotation readings. Note: Please do not put the bbq thermometer in high temperature places. The temperature of the plastic unit can bear should not over 80?/176F. ?????Timer and Alarm?Our oven kitchen thermometer Bluetooth has count-down timer, which is very convenient if you would like to check the temp during cooking regularly, or you need to know the temp at some specific time. What’s more, IBT-6XS meat probe food thermometer support high and low alarm, the device and phone will trigger the alarm when temp reached, which let you free and have more time to enjoy with family. ?????What You Get?One Bluetooth grill meat thermometer IBT-6XS + 5 meat probes + 1 oven probes + 2 meat clips + 1 USB charging cable + one manual. Get this nice toy today, skyrocket your grilling performances and make everyone wonder!
Christopher J. Gilmore
Rating:4.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on July 29, 2019

Review:I was a little skeptical of the 5 star reviews across the board for this unit but I decided to take a chance on it and I'll say that I've been pretty impressed! I was trying to decide between purchasing an InkBird 6XS and a Thermo Pro TP08s. I was looking at these two models because I wanted a thermometer that would let me monitor and set an alarm for a low and a high temp so I could have more control over my smoker temps. What pushed me over the edge into the InkBird camp over the Thermo Pro was the price, the magnetic base and the rechargeable battery (via USB-C). I had to return the first unit because it would turn on and connect to the app but the screen was dead. When the replacement showed up, I tested all of the probes in boiling water and they all registered as accurate. The readings between the head unit and the app are almost instant. I was originally skeptical of bluetooth thermometers because I kept reading that the range on them can be a problem. But I decided to take a chance on this. My grill is on my back patio and I've been able to walk all around my house without losing connection to the thermometer. I even sat on my couch and watched some TV while maintaining a connection. Due to the size of my house, I was probably nowhere near the 150ft distance but I was able to stay connected through multiple interior walls of separation. I gave it 4 stars because the magnet on the base isn't very strong. I have a CharGriller Duo and the magnet will slide off or lose its grip if I don't position it exactly right. It'll slide down the face of the grill. I don't think it'd fall off but it slips enough for me to at least be a little concerned that it could take a tumble someday and hit the patio floor. The other reason I gave it 4 stars, is that while I like the app, the last update it received was in November of 2018. It's the nature of using an app as the primary way of interaction that it could become abandoned or out of date but after almost a year of not being updated, I'm left in the dark as to whether it's going to be updated again. I don't think the app will ever stop working per se but it could affect the longevity of the product if it is truly abandoned or not being developed anymore. All that being said, for Less than $50, I got a bluetooth thermometer with excellent range, accurate probes (6 of them no less), rechargeable battery via USB-C, a decent app interface that lets me set my low/high temp values and a way to monitor the temps in my smoker and in the meat from the comfort of my couch. I'd say that's a pretty good deal. TL;DR What I like: - Rechargeable battery - Battery lasts a long time. I've done 4 or 5 multi hour cooks (5+ hours) and the battery is still around 40% charged. - The app has a lot of functionality with the ability for custom settings and most importantly, low temp/high temp monitoring - Bluetooth range, for me, has been very good. - Magnetic base What I don't like: - Magnet isn't as strong as it could be - App hasn't been updated for almost a year - No ability to set custom alarm tone in the app. The main alarm is super annoying and no way to change volume/tone. You can turn it off or set it to vibrate but it'd be nice to have more control over it in general (which is why the app not being updated gets stars knocked off) Read more

Mike M
Rating:1.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on May 16, 2020

Review:I will be returning mine. Temps ate off all day by as much as 40 degrees. Extremely disappointed after reading a lot of positive comments. Used two other digital thermometers and an old generic one that gave the correct temps. I even used two probes in the same piece of meat in different insertion points and got some off the wall readings. Read more

Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on July 13, 2019

Review:This 6 probes thermometer is the single best thing I had added to my grilling arsenal. It is accurate , has long battery life for an overnight cook and has SIX stainless steel probes ( no need to have two thermometers running anymore) . I have already used it last night and results were super fabulous. But before I stuck it in my smoking rig I performed stress tests to make sure its worthy of using at all.. My tests - pics attached - were very promising. I performed two rounds of tests for temperature accuracy going for an hour and a battery life test for 12 hours. And it scored Ace in both. I kept checking the temp accuracy with my trusted Thermo-Pro and it was to the Dot accurate with that. One of the most interesting feature is the graph that shows temperature history for last two hours ( pics attached); This single super help full feature helps to keep the consistent temperature under the hood for a longer time and gives you an indication that you have to re adjust the air intakes or add more fuel. Highlights are > Very Very accurate > Easy to connect with app - Using Iphone > Excellent range & pretty long battery life A Must Buy accessory for grilling enthusiasts ! Read more

Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on July 18, 2019

Review:This is the first time I've tried Inkbird thermometers. I have tried MANY other thermometers in the past but I wish I would have tried Inkbird much sooner! I had no idea what I was missing out on. The six probes truly is an asset in my Bradley Smoker, each rack of meats has it's own probe. What this means to me is that I can monitor each rack without opening the smoker and dropping my temps and loosing smoke. On those busy days it means no more doing the rotation of the racks. Now I come out with EVERY rack done to perfection! Since the bottom rack is going to be done before the middle or top rack. This allows me to pull out each rack of meat from the smoker at precisely the right time. Gone are the days of the bottom rack accidentally getting overly done while the middle and top rack are perfect. Also the Bluetooth function is amazing! I can be smoking pork loin, baby back ribs or any other kind of meat all at the same time each with their own probe. I can be inside my house and monitor whats going on in the smoker while doing "wife chores" and be alerted when each item is perfectly done! The way that I've done my meat smoking has changed for the better! Never going back to any other thermometers, I've tried in the past. Inkbird truly made a lifetime customer out of me! I only wish I had tried them sooner! Read more

Donnie Beauford
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on July 12, 2019

Review:I was in need of a new wireless thermometer for when I do BBQ or just cooking in general. I went from a two probe unit to this amazing 6 prober! First off, it looks incredible. Inkbird did a great thing with the styling. It doesn't stop there, it's super easy to use as well. You can't beat something that looks good and performs as well as the IBT-6XS does. All the probes are calibrated from the factory and work flawlessly right out of the gate. I'm glad they added an ambient temp probe as well. The range on the Bluetooth was great, was able to be quite a distance away and not have any hiccups on the app. This is a welcome improvement from my old unit and am super satisfied with this thing. I will be an Inkbird fan for years to come! Read more

Martin Trepanier

Date:Reviewed in Canada on November 6, 2019

Review:I have compared this thermometer with my current iGrill 2 from Weber. So far I can say that connectivity is better, longer/larger range then my iGrill 2. Reading of the temperature on the main unit is a LOT clearer then the iGrill 2. Compared reading, and tested with boiling water, seem like my iGrill 2 is not set correctly anymore, but this one was on point. Add the extra 6 food probes and ambiant probe, couple of probe holder for the crate, I would recommend this unit over the iGrill 2. The application is a little bit less "shiny" then the one from weber, but functionality is there! Read more

Doug B.

Date:Reviewed in Canada on September 20, 2019

Review:App seems pretty good, connected easily, and has a good range. First time I used the unit, I cooked a trout on a cedar plank (Yum!) but a flare up caused damage to two of the probes. Second time I used the unit, I had to use two different probes and smoked a Brisket at about 330 Deg F for 5 hours and it worked fantastic. So be very careful with the probes. I was contacted by Customer Service and they were fantastic. They walked me through some probe testing procedures and we found a break in the probes. Customer service sent me two new probes within a week. Read more

Cory boudreau

Date:Reviewed in Canada on February 16, 2020

Review:I am new to smoking, I got my Bradley smoker for Christmas. And I’ve use this product three times to cook anything from venison to beef to park. The temperatures are very accurate and make smoking extremely simple. Just set your temperature insert your probes put it in your smoker and forget it until your phone let you know your meat is done Read more

Cameron G.

Date:Reviewed in Canada on March 23, 2021

Review:I purchased the device a few months back, went to use it a couple months later and the temperature readings constantly fluctuate from 90f to 550f never stopping. I tried reaching out for support on the matter, and have not received a reply. A few months have passed again and now that winter is over I have realised I still do not have a working device to use for the bbq or smoker. As far as I can tell the app and features are fantastic and we're simple to set up. The only issue was having a working device and no customer support. Read more

Gilbert Blostein

Date:Reviewed in Canada on July 28, 2020

Review:I've been using this thermometer with my smoker, and my BBQ. Seems very accurate. The Bluetooth interface is excellent, and the unit itself has a nice display that switches periodically between probe temperatures if you're using it locally (an excellent feature). It seems to last forever on a single charge, and it's over all a very attractive unit. The magnet isn't quite strong enough to hold it up vertically on the side of a smoker, but pick your battles, this is an awesome unit for the price. The overall build quality is excellent. It doesn't come with enough rack brackets for all the probes, that kinda sucks when you're doing a lot of thinner meats, but I make due, and so can you for the price. Highly recommend. Read more

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