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10" Windows 10 Fusion5 FWIN232 Plus S1 Ultra Slim Windows Tablet PC - (4GB RAM, USB 3.0, Micro HDMI, Intel Quad-Core CPU, IPS HD Display, 5MP and 2MP Cameras, Bluetooth 4.0, Windows 10 S) (64GB)

Price:PKR. 46,664.00 /

Asin: B07HY8X46F
Product weight: 0 Pounds
Product dimentsions: 0 x 0.67 x 0.39 inch
Cost Break Down
About this item This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. P.when("ReplacementPartsBulletLoader").execute(function(module){ module.initializeDPX(); }) Ultra Slim & Ultra Style: Windows 10 S Tablet - The ultimate user experience. This newest version of Windows Tablet PC from Fusion5 is fully loaded with the latest user-friendly Windows 10 package. Perfect Windows tablet PC for your daily requirement, be it education, office work or industrial use. Powerful & Mega Storage Space: Upgraded Intel Quad-core CPU with powerful GPU - 4GB of RAM Your new Windows tablet laptop PC is all ready for work, fun and play! 10'' Graphic Display for Optimal Viewing: The 10 inch screen on this Windows 10 S tablet PC by Fusion5 is perfect for viewing our favourite TV shows, movies, Youtube and playing games! Want More? This is a Bluetooth 4.0 Windows PC laptop tablet. Equipped with Intel Quad-core Processor, and full-size USB 3.0 port. Why Buy This Windows 10 S Tablet PC by Fusion5? This ultra-slim and stylish Windows 10 laptop tablet not only ticks all the boxes in terms of ultimate usability, delicious graphics and overall specs also comes with 2 months of full USA warranty at our US service center. ? See more product details
Standing screen display size
‎10.1 Inches
Screen Resolution
‎1280 x 800 pixels
Hard Drive
‎64 GB
Graphics Coprocessor
‎Broadwell GPU (Intel Gen8)
Wireless Type
‎802.11bgn, 802.11b, 802.11b/g
Average Battery Life (in hours)
‎6 Hours
Item model number
Hardware Platform
‎Windows, Android
Operating System
Item Weight
‎1.52 pounds
Product Dimensions
‎10.24 x 0.67 x 0.39 inches
Item Dimensions LxWxH
‎10.24 x 0.67 x 0.39 inches
Rear Webcam Resolution
‎5 MP
Processor Brand
Processor Count
Computer Memory Type
Flash Memory Size
‎64 GB
Power Source
‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.
Date First Available
October 2, 2018
Rating:4.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on October 11, 2018

Review:This tablet is pretty fast. I was able to load Norton, VLC Player, Firefox, Kindle App, System Mechanic and still have 28 GB free in my memory. The 4GB of RAM allows me to keep a few windows open at the same time. I am really loving the 3.0 std USB port and mini sd card with up to 128GB extra storage which allows me to download lots of movies and shows to watch later, or I can watch shows from a usb stick drive through the USB port. So far, the only con about this device is that the battery doesn't last very long, so I need to keep it plugged in and the speaker is weak... (need to use earphones to get clear sound). I bought this in case my laptop goes out so I can stay connected and also, to play videos off of a usb flash drive or micro sd card ( I used Kingston Canvas Select 128GB microSDHC Class 10 microSD Memory Card UHS-I 80MB/s R Flash Memory Card with Adapter (SDCS/128GB). Downloads are fast and the graphics are good. I just received it today, so I haven't had much time to play with it. So far, I am pleased with my purchase and the price is great! It would be nice to have an attachable keyboard for this tablet. I couldn't find one for this specific tablet. Hopefully, Fusion5 will have one available soon. I rated this 4 stars instead of 5 because of the limited battery life and sound quality. UPDATE 10/16/18 : My tablet stopped charging and when I clicked on the "Battery" icon on the Task Bar, it said "Plugged in, discharging" next to the % of battery left. This was NOT an issue with the tablet...It is a software issue with Windows 10, so if any of you have this problem DON'T return the tablet ! This is the fix for that : STEPS : To Fix "Plugged In, discharging" - Windows 8/10 (Non Removable Battery) 1 - Go to "Device Manager" (Rt Click Windows Logo on left bottom corner of screen - To Rt Click use Point & Hold method in "Gestures" section of the User Manual which came with this tablet - point and hold until box appears under your finger or pointer, then release and a menu should pop up like when you Rt Click on your computer.) Select "Device Manager" in the pop-up menu. 2 - Open "Batteries" 3 - Rt Click "Microsoft AC Adapter" then click "Uninstall" 4 - Rt Click "Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery" then click "Uninstall" 5 - At top of Device Manager page click on "Action" then click on "Scan for Hardware Changes" 6 - Go back to the list below and open "Batteries" again 7 - Rt Click "Microsoft AC Adapter"..... then click "Update Driver Software" ..... then click on "Browse My Computer for Driver Software" .... then click on "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer" .... then click on "Microsoft AC Adapter" (make sure the box for Show Compatible Hardware is checked) 8 - Rt Click "Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery"..... then click "Update Driver Software" ..... then click on "Browse My Computer for Driver Software" .... then click on "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer" .... then click on "Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery" (make sure the box for Show Compatible Hardware is checked) .... then close Device Manager 9 - Click on Battery Icon on Task Bar to check charging status. The computer should now read that it is charging and it will no longer say "Plugged in, discharging" I hope this helps. PS: I still really like this tablet and will update if there are any problems. UPDATE 10/17/18 : Yesterday, before I figured out this was a software issue, I emailed Customer Service about the charging issue. I told them that I didn't know if this was a hardware or a software issue. Today, when I checked my email, I had received a prompt reply. This was the reply : From: F5CS LTD Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2018 4:32 AM Subject: Re: Charger not working Hi, Thank you for your email update. Apologies for any inconvenience. However, without any further delay we are sending you a replacement charger to rule out the issue. Please update us how you get along upon receipt of the new charger. We appreciate your patience and cooperation. Regards, Mike Fusion5 Fusion5 Customer Service is prompt and very accommodating. This company makes me feel supported in my choice to purchase this tablet. Read more

Rating:4.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on December 15, 2018

Review:Fusion 5 10.1" Windows 10 Tablet I picked up this tablet as an upgrade to my Kindle Fire 8". Overall, I'd say it was a good choice. Initially, I began shopping for a 10" version of my same tablet, but I thought, why not upgrade a bit in the process? Since most of my other equipment is in the Microsoft ecosystem, I chose to go with a Windows tablet. That way, I can sync easily between my desktop, phone, and tablet, having all my data available from any device. When I first started shopping, my gut instinct was to pick up the MS Surface Go, which is a 10" Windows 10 tablet. The down side is that Windows is running in S Mode. Windows 10 in S Mode is a more limited, locked-down Windows operating system. In S Mode, you can only install apps from the Store, and you can only browse the web with Microsoft Edge. I didn't want to be limited, and I began looking around for another solution, eventually deciding on the Fusion5. Order the device through Amazon was simple and painless, as most Amazon transactions are. The device was shipped promptly, and arrived when it was supposed to. I've been using the tablet for a few weeks now, so I think I might be able to relay my experience with it. Screen The screen is great, on par with other high end tablets. The resolution of the 10.1" (diagonally measured) display makes for a nice crisp display, with good color and brightness. Touch sensitive is good as well. I've had no problem with making selections for text fields, buttons, etc. Some other folks have commented about a problem with selecting a text field, and not having the on-screen keyboard pop up. I don't think this is a failing of the tablet itself, but rather the way Windows 10 works with touch. It's been an issue for the last several version of Windows, and 10 is no different. Putting Windows 10 into tablet mode alleviates the problem somewhat, but in some text fields you may need to double tap. Using the Inking function in Edge, OneNote, and other apps worked flawlessly. Using a stylus or your finger, you can highlight data on web pages or other places, or even include short notes. The only complaint I would have about the display is the inclusion of a less than stellar screen protector with the device, already installed. When I received mine, it was loose along the bottom bezel of the display. Further, the protector slightly hindered use of touch features. Once I removed the protector, touch sensitivity was much better. The downside if your remove the protector (and don't replace it) is the potential for scratches, as well as the mass of fingerprints that will collect on the display. Connectivity The only option for connectivity include with the device is WiFi. I've tested it by connecting to several different access points, public and private, and have had no issues. The only downside I can mention is the lack of high speed options with the on-board WiFi. In my testing, I was only able to connect with 802.11b, which is limited to 11 Mbps, so you're roughly getting 9.5-10 Mbps. I think a better option would be to use an 802.11 b/g/n chip for faster speeds. Even with the limited connectivity, I am able stream NetFlix, work on documents from OneDrive, and surf the internet with no issues. There is some slight buffering at the start of a NetFlix video, but my desktop does the exact same thing, so I don't see that as negative. The rest of the stream is fine, and displays in HD. Streaming from YouTube was a bit better, with a quicker start to viewing than with NetFlix. The device comes with a variety of ports on the side, including a full size USB port, mini HDMI, USB-C and a power port. Charging via the power port *or* USB-C worked fine. I wasn't able to test USB-C peripherals, as I don't have any. Using the standard USB port, I connected a wired mouse, and it worked with no issue. also tried a USB keyboard, headset, and game controller. All worked with problem. As long as Windows has or can find the correct driver for the device, most should work with the tablet. One cool thing I was able to do is connect the tablet to my KVM switch. A KVM switch (with KVM being an abbreviation for "keyboard, video and mouse") is a hardware device that allows a user to control multiple computers from one keyboard, monitor, and mouse. Using the KVM, I was able to use my full size equipment at my desk. The device found the peripherals with no issues, and I happily surfed the web and am actually writing this review using the tablet now, using the big screen. Document editing is much easier with full size equipment, and the Fusion5 had no problems allowing me to use my regular gear. Bluetooth connectivity is good, and I tried a couple of different devices with the Fusion5, including my phone, a mouse, and two different sets of headphones. Range and functionality was good. Leaving the tablet in my home office, I was able to move up to 50 feet away, and the sound was still good in my headphones. Sound The tablet included two speakers, although they are not very good. At maximum volume, the sound is *just* audible. This doesn't bother me, however, as I use a bluetooth headset when I am streaming video, using Skype, etc. I haven't use the on-board microphone, but I imagine you would be better served getting a good bluetooth headset for Skype calls, or perhaps a wired headset connected to the USB port. Storage The version of the device I purchased included 4 GB of RAM, as well as 64 GB of storage on-board. While 4 GB of RAM won't give you enough "oomph" to run things like MySQL or Doom, it is more than enough to edit documents in Word, spreadsheets in Excel, surf the net with multiple tabs open (but no too many!), and play some lighter games like Asphalt Airborne and the like. Mass storage of the device is a seemingly huge 64 GB. However, keep in mind that Windows 10 takes a large chunk of this space for itself. The device does include an SD card slot, with which you can use to expand the storage. With this in mind, I did purchase a 128 GB SD card. I inserted the card, and it worked straight away. The first thing I did is set my OneDrive folder to the new drive, to keep things of the system drive. That way, you're not cluttering up the system drive with your random cat pictures and crossword puzzles. Operating System The Fusion5 comes with Windows 10 Home Edition, 32-bit. This is not a watered down version of Windows, nor is it Windows running in S mode. This is the full version of Windows 10 Home Edition. What this means is that anything that you can run on your home machine, you can run on your tablet, provided that it fits in to the requirements of the software. For example, I am a hobbyist software developer. I write applications and utilities for use by people all over the world. On this device, I was able to install and use a Win32 application that I built on my desktop machine. No errors, no missing drivers. It just worked. Where all this leads is if there is something you want to connect to this tablet, or some software you want to install, the only questions you need to ask are "Is it compatible with Windows 10?" and "Does my hardware meet the requirements?" Battery Life The claimed battery life is around eight hours, and I have no dispute with that. I charge the device once per week, and have yet to have an unexpected shutdown due to battery problems. I imagine with some power management like dimming the display and throttling the CPU a bit (both available by tapping on the battery icon in the system tray), you could stretch it out to ten hours. Summary I'm pretty happy with this purchase. I use the Fusion5 for reading ebooks, watching streaming video, and some light web surfing. While it won't replace my desktop or my full laptop (it's a beast!), it is great for use on airplanes, laying in bed at night, riding the bus, etc. Besides the few minor items I pointed out previously, I would make one more ask for this device. The tablet includes no recovery media with it. It would be nice to have the option of performing a clean install of Windows 10 from media, if the need arises. As it sits, I'm not sure it can be booted from USB, but than may be an option, provided I can find the product key. Overall, if you are in the market for an inexpensive Windows 10 device, I would recommend the Fusion5 10.1" Windows 10 tablet. At just under $200, it's a pretty great buy. Read more

Mr. R. Hitchins

Date:Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 17, 2018

Review:I bought this tablet to replace my 5 year old Asus VivoTab, which I use whilst travelling. The old machine could not support the latest version of Windows 10 and was noticeable slow attempting to support Office 365 desktop applications. This brilliant bit of kit, is not only 64bit but also includes the very latest build of Windows (1803), so includes "Files-on-Demand", which gives me access to over 1Tb of files via my Office 365 account. All the applications run smoothly and super fast. The tablet's build looks very professional, with a nice texture on the back, which helps you grip the device. If like me, you use the Microsoft Teams app, you will need a keyboard, as the on-screen keyboard hides the chat entry field. Having checked with the seller, I now have the matching Fusion5 case with keyboard, which I am pleased to say has a UK layout and build-in tracker pad. A slight down side, is the lack of instructions, although as an IT professional of over 40 years, I have quick become accustom to the enhanced functionally of the tracker pad. The tablet does get quite warm whilst charging and when performing CPU intensive processes, but still OK to handle. This may have a negative impact on the battery life, which is currently exceptional... over 10 hours of average use between charges. Only time will tell, if the battery can't deal with the heat. If you need a small portable Windows laptop or tablet, then you sure certainly consider this device, as its performance vs cost is outstanding. Read more

John H

Date:Reviewed in the United Kingdom on December 7, 2018

Review:I bought this to replace an aging Samsung NC10 Netbook, for use both in tablet mode and with a keyboard. In fact the screen on the Fusion5 10” is the same size, but it’s much slimmer and lighter. I was keen to find a device with a minimum 4GB / 64GB to run Windows 10 effectively, and I added a 128GB Sandisk Ultra microSDXC card to get maximum storage – moving the standard documents, music, pictures and video folders onto it to leave maximum space on the main C:\ drive. Other reviews have commented on the excellent specifications, so I’ll just comment on my own usage in desktop and tablet mode. For desktop use the compatible docking case with keyboard has a magnetic coupling and a clever supporting stand, and adding a Bluetooth mouse is useful for any serious work. The magnetic coupling isn’t strong enough for the tablet-keyboard combination to be carried around open or used when sitting on a sofa, but this is when tablet mode is most appropriate. The tablet is nicely finished but really needs some protection when used without the keyboard case, so after careful consideration of dimensions I bought a Leather Case for Sony Xperia Z 10.1" Tablet which fits almost perfectly (just slightly over-sized in width) and has a hand strap and viewing stand (see photo) - – the power and up-down buttons are obscured, but still usable when pressed through the fabric. I already had a separate Bluetooth keyboard, and find it handy to use this instead of the keyboard case, though the latter is more responsive when typing quickly. The tablet suddenly went dead after a couple of weeks but Fusion5 quickly supplied a replacement, so it’s reassuring that their UK-based customer service is very responsive. The replacement came with a completely up-to-date Windows 10 installation. Overall I’m very pleased with my purchase, especially at the price, and like the flexibility of having the additional XperiaZ case and separate keyboard as well as the compatible Fusion5 keyboard case. Read more


Date:Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 30, 2018

Review:Well I wasn't expecting quite so much from this little device but I am pleasantly surprised. It's a Windows 10 PC and unlike other tablets has SD, HDMI, full size USB, mini USB (with an adapter to full size) as well as Bluetooth and WiFi. The supplied power adapter is small enough to carry with you and the pad will charge from USB but much slower. Although I haven't timed the battery life it seems more than enough for general use. Being Windows there's a lot of software out there and running Libre office is easy. Build quality is better than expected as is the screen and its responsiveness is as good as any. A bonus - it comes with a screen protector pre installed! The Atom processor and graphics are fine (don't expect to run Titanfall, but this is cheaper than most graphics cards cost!) and HD videos don't make it break a sweat! I am more pleased with my purchase than I would have imagined. So far so good. Have seen some reviews for the 2/32 version saying they can't upgrade Windows - run disk clean to clear the old Windows upgrade cache as it clears a lot of junk. Read more

Kindle Customer

Date:Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 17, 2018

Review:My 15-year old Dell PC tower finally gave up the ghost a few days ago and, with it running XP, was long overdue for replacement. I have an iPad, but it doesn't have a USB port, which I need to transfer to and from my phone and playback from memory sticks in the car and home stereos. I found Tablets with full-size USB ports pretty rare until I stumbled across the Fusion5 windows 10 10" tablet on Amazon. The low price point of £154 at first suggested that it couldn't be up to much, but I was pleasantly surprised when itarrived just 2 days later. It seems to be of quality construction, with 12 months guarantee (plus additional 90 days if registered within 14 days) and the screen is clearer than the 'retina' display on my iPad ! Very pleased with my purchase and upgrade to the latest Windows 10 OS, so much so that I will be using it for more than just transfers to memory sticks - to this end, I have already downloaded Libre Office (the free alternative to Microsoft) and Money Sunset Deluxe financial apps. A separate keyboard would be of great benefit, though and is next on my list - the compact screen is a boon but also hinders typing. Overall very pleased - and the online chat support from Fusion5 is also very good ! Read more

crystal brook

Date:Reviewed in the United Kingdom on December 25, 2018

Review:For its price, this isn't a bad tablet, however, there are a number of big flaws in its design. Firstly, the sound is dreadful, even with it on full, you can just about watch Netflix lying next to it in bed in a quiet room (my budget Asus tablet outperforms this by a long way, as will any decent smartphone). Second issue is the finish, I might have got a bad one but there were a number of small bubbles under the screen (outside of the display area luckily) and with a plastic finish, it doesn't feel strong. It also has dreadful WiFi, sitting next to the router, I can pick up around 30mb/s, whereas my Pixel 2 connected to the same WiFi network gets more than double this speed. Final bugbear is the Port layout, full size USB is brilliant but it's at the top of the tablet, meaning that, using it in laptop configuration, you have a load of cables hanging out of the top of it, the ports are also really close together meaning that I actually hand to file down the HDMI to mini-HDMI adapter to actually get it to fit alongside a USB cable if using both at the same time. These points aside, for Netflix, Word, Excel, Chrome, PowerPoint and general tasks generally better suited to Windows over IoS on Android, this is a bargain price and I can see me using it a lot despite some disappointing issues. Read more

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