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Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cotton Long-sleeve Bodysuits

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Asin: B079K1FLQW
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Hudson baby long-sleeve bodysuits are an essential part of baby's wardrobe. Our bodysuits feature adorable prints, embroideries, stripes and solids and provide a comfortable base layer that's great for pairing with pants, shorts, or even wearing under outfits. Our bodysuits are comfortable and cozy for all-day, everyday wear for your little one.
Rating:1.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on November 20, 2017

Review:Warning: buy a size or two up because they shrink down a size or two. Super disappointed in this product. Back to Carters! Read more

Rating:4.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on March 1, 2019

Review:Super cute! My baby is on the smaller side for weight, weighing 13 pounds at 5 months old (about 24" long). I ordered the 3 to 6 months size in the woodland fox 5 pack and it fits her pretty well but compared to other brands it seems to be on the small side. I know that all brands are different (something we struggle with as adults too) but I think compared to other brands, she will probably grow out of these ones first. I have attached a photo of one of the onesies on top of a onesie from Target, the cloud island brand, also size 3-6mos. As you can see this brand is just a little smaller than that particular brand. Both have been washed and dried in the dryer normally like I would wash all my daughter's clothes. Great price for 5 really cute onesies! ☺️ Read more

Rating:4.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on September 19, 2019

Review:Weird sizing aside, these bodysuits are adorable. The designs are refreshing (how many construction and/or dinosaur outfits does one baby need?). The material is soft and has weight to it. My son hasn’t worn them yet so I can’t say how long they’ll last, but the quality feels pretty good from what I can tell. Based on all the shrinkage reviews, I bought the 18-24m size for my 10 month old. Right now he’s on the lower/middle side of 9-12m for most brands (few 9 months still fit, but we’re pretty much into 12m only). I figured one of three things would happen: 1) they shrink two sizes and he can wear them now. 2) they shrink one size and he can wear them in a few months when I was wanting. 3) they shrink a normal amount/none and he wears them when the time comes. After washing, they did shrink almost to his 12m Carters size (white one in pic). They are a little wider and the arms are longer. I’m thinking he’ll get to wear them in a couple months so it works out for us. Long story short, I think these are worth a buy if they’re on sale (since sizing is hard to pinpoint and they may not work out for exactly what you want). Definitely take the shrinkage into consideration and buy accordingly. Read more

Tayler S
Rating:2.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on December 12, 2017

Review:My daughter is 7 months old and 16.5 pounds. I ordered the 6-9 month and washed/dry per the instructions on the clothing tag and they're too small. I've attached a pic of one of these on top of a Carter's onesie for reference. I'm extremely disappointed since I ordered 2 sets of these and will not be able to use them. But as a side note the material is nice and thick 👍 Read more

Rating:3.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on November 18, 2018

Review:I ordered the 6-9mo for my almost 6 mo old who is small for her age. She is almost 15lbs, short, and stocky. When they arrived they looked huge and I was pretty sure I’d have to return them. But they are very cute, thick, and soft. I decided to just wash and dry them and see if they shrink. To my surprise they shrunk a whole size smaller and they actually fit her perfect and not even baggy on her. They are smaller than carters 6mo, which are still quite baggy on her. So overall they will work for me but I can see the sizing issue for most. Read more

Rating:4.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on July 12, 2020

Review:Well, after reading all the reviews I decided to take a gamble and ordered the size 18-24 month for my little girl. After washing and drying and shrinking them down, I think these will fit her just fine by the time she is able to wear them. She is currently 6 months old, 18lbs 9 oz, 27.5" long but I estimate I won't dress her in these till September by which she'll will hopefully have grown some. Are these too big for her at her present size? Yes, they are... But they're not excessively large after being shrunk down. I posted a Pic of her swimsuit that fits her perfectly right now and one of the shrunk down onesies for comparison. Anyway for me this set is worth it for the price and I'm excited for fall and to dress her up. But yeah definitely take into account the fact that these onesies shrink. I posted before and afters of all of them next to a legal pad just so you can see the difference. Read more

Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on August 24, 2017

Review:This is a beautiful set of four onesie bodysuits and is fantastic for the price! I ordered the 6-12 and received two 6-9 (the Halloween and the Thanksgiving) and two 9-12 (Christmas and New Years). This is what makes them a "Grow with Me" set as it anticipates your baby getting a little bigger between holidays. Hudson baby products are a little roomier in width than some of the other brands. For example, Carters runs a little narrow and long. Hudson will be similar to Carters in length, but wider in the body. I like this, because I don't like tight onesies. Because of this, I would tend to order a size up in Carters, but with Hudson I would say that the size chart is pretty accurate. They run much larger than Gerber, because Gerber tends to run very small. These are very soft and comfortable with a good medium weight for the fabric. There is a lot of stretch and give with it and it goes right back into shape. The neck isn't too tight or too loose and also tends to retain it's shape. One of the things that I love about these is that they are all embroidered designs, which gives them a high-end feel. Hudson baby designs do shrink a little with their first wash. They may look a little big when you receive them, but keep the shrinkage factor in mind. When I got my first set I thought they looked huge but ended up being just right. Read more

Abigail Alder
Rating:4.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on January 4, 2018

Review:These are super cute and nice and warm. However, I bought the 12-18 month size for my (average sized, 50th percentile) one year old and when I received them, they were huge! I sent them back and got the 9 month size, and they still looked a bit big but I figured they would shrink. They did shrink, a ton. Far more than other cotton onsies I've bought. They still fit but the arms are a bit short and probably won't fit for very long. They are good quality and really cute, I'd definitely buy them again but I'd account for the shrinkage. Read more

Ivette Mansilla

Date:Reviewed in Mexico on January 29, 2020

Review:Los bodysuits están mas chicos de lo que esperaba, mi bebé usa ahorita talla 6m de body suits de otras marcas, vi estos y por el precio le pedí para la talla que sigue talla 9m y son demasiado pequeños, apenas le quedaron entonces podra hacer muy poco uso de ellos, pero en cuanto a calidad se sienten suaves y son gruesos, solo recomiendo pedir una O dos tallas arriba de la que esperan usar. Read more

ingrid beral

Date:Reviewed in Mexico on October 15, 2019

Review:la tela es de buena calidad; es suave de algodon gruesa se ve resistente, la talla viene mas chica; compre 24 meses pero le quedaron justos, son algo anchos probablemente a un bebe llenito le quedarian perfecto pero si tu bebe esta delgado le quedaran super anchos, las mangas para mi gusto estan un poco cortas. Encojen con la secadora; por lo regular algunas telas encogen un poco con el calor... es bueno que lo tome en cuenta para este caso Read more

enrique miles

Date:Reviewed in Mexico on October 30, 2019

Review:2 veces pedí este paquete y nomas no le quedo a mi bebé, no especifican bien las tallas, ahora resulta que lo que pedí no es 12 meses, sino 12 meses XL, por lo cual no le volvió a quedar. Este producto en particular deberían especificar mejor sus tallas, no es lo mismo 12 meses a 12 m XL, o no es lo mismo 12 meses que 12-18... en fin, será la 2d aves que regreso este producto! Read more


Date:Reviewed in Mexico on February 9, 2017

Review:Prendas de calidad, el material es muy suave al tacto. El tamaño es coincidente con la talla. Son realmente bonitas. Mi bebé tiene 8 meses, mide 70 cm y pesa 8 k. Pueden ver en la foto que le quedan con buen espacio, pero sin quedarle enormes. Complementaré mi reseña cuando cumpla 12 meses, a ver como le queda entonces. Por lo pronto estoy feliz con la compra, incluso me arrepiento de no haber comprado el otro set. Read more


Date:Reviewed in Mexico on October 3, 2018

Review:Su producto viene de buena calidad la tela muy suave son 5 pero nadamas que 1 de los trajesitos lo arreglo mi esposa venia descosido de una axila ya no lo regrese el paquete porque me tardo mucho y el bebe ya casi nace Read more

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