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Adam's 10” Professional Wool Wash Pad - Plush Synthetic Car Wash Pad is Gentle On Auto Paint & Accessories Without Worry of Scratches or Swirls - Car Soap & Wax Safe Detailing Tool for Car or Truck

  • ASIN: B077K7WCBY
  • WEIGHT: 4.8 Ounces
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Synthetic car wash pads are the best to use for every part of your car. Using Adam’s professional car wash pad, your car cleaning task can become 10 times easier and faster. Made with synthetic wool, its fine synthetic fibers are absorbent enough to store plenty of lather and water inside and work smoothly on the car surface. It does not affect the car paints as it provides a lubrication to the paint during washing. To use this basic car wash pad perfectly, make a thick and premium lather with soap, shampoo or car wash liquid with water and work on the car surface with this wonderful Adam’s professional car wash pad to get the super amazing cleaning in less time. Its large capacity of holding lots of sudsy water creates a good foam to trap and wipe away all the dirt from the car surface.

Synthetic wool wash pad: Premium quality wash pad made of first-rate synthetic wool that provides an easy and functional cleaning through rich lather for cleaning.

Neat finishing: The super soft and durable synthetic wool wash pad provides an excellent cleaning for all parts of the car, ending up with a neat finishing. The synthetic fibers of the wool wash pad wipe all the dirt and stains away from the surface.

Easy to use: The soft and fluffy texture of the synthetic wool wash pad provides an easy grip for the cleaning purpose. Its 10” X 10” size is quite handy and fit for the purpose.

Suitable for all surfaces: Safe to use and efficient cleaning on paints, glass, plastic, rubber, wheels, and all other auto parts surface. Does not cause unwanted swirls on car paints or scratches other surfaces.

Available in Pakistan in its genuine quality imported from the USA, place your order to get this ultimate Adam’s professional car wash pad at exclusive price.