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Baby Diapers, Size 3 (16-28 lbs) 184 Count- Babyganics Ultra Absorbent, Unscented, Made without Chlorine, Latex

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Size: Size 3 |  Style: 184 count Diapers can be hard on the wallet, our planet and your baby’s sensitive skin. That’s why we’ve designed our skin love diapers to better fit your values and your baby. Made with our new blend of plant derived materials, our diapers are intended for superior comfort & fit and enhanced absorbency. The way your baby tears through diapers, you deserve one that’s just about perfect. So go ahead and buy them by the ton, so you can appreciate them one by one.
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on October 13, 2017

Review:The diapers themselves are great. My daughter hasn’t had any leaks, even during an 8-hour sleep. They seem to do a good job at keeping her feeling dry and happy and fit really well. The only problem is that the Amazon pricing is all over the place, ranging from the $40s one day to the high $60s another day, making it a pain to keep track of if you’re doing Subscribe and Save. Better pricing is often found at other stores, like Buy, Buy Baby. Read more

Mrs. M.F.
Rating:4.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on November 27, 2018

Review:I originally stocked up on another brand of diapers for my newborn. I received these initially as part of a gift, but they ended up being the brand I primarily use. FIT: they’re a slimmer fit than the major brand I originally bought. My baby was on the heavy side (9lbs at birth) but long and not that chubby so the slimmer fit was great. WETNESS INDICATOR: I could not give a 5th star because the indicator is not as easy as others. As a sleep deprived new mom, I can’t be asked to decipher if the green shapes are ever so slightly faded. If they changed color that would be easier. Sometimes I felt the indicator was also slightly slower to react than the other brand I used, but that could be sleep deprivation and impatience... ABSORBENCY: I was pleasantly surprised by how much these things hold! I’ve never once had a leak. There was an explosive poop event, but even then it only went up her back a bit (which happened in another brand too) and was not a diaper flaw. The absorbency is really what sold me on these. PRICE: when you realize how many diapers you will go through in a day, and a week, and a month... the price matters. And these are competitively priced. It’s not worth it to spend your kid’s college fund on diapers. Read more

Rating:1.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on May 21, 2019

Review:I started my son on another brand when he was born and I was fine with this brand but found out BabyGanics was of similar quality for a better price so I bought BabyGanics when we switched to size two. Loved them! Soft, absorbent and a good price. They seemed to be getting small so I ordered BabyGanics size three. They aren’t soft at all! And they don’t seem to have much stretch. I bought in bulk because why wouldn’t I when I loved the size two??? And now I’m super disappointed and have a ton of these diapers. I need to see if I can return them even though it’s partially used. Just beware that their diapers are not the same across the board. Read more

Rating:4.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on July 3, 2019

Review:I have a love/hate relationship with these diapers. I've bought multiple packs for my son and ran into a few problems. First, they leave little pieces of cotton on him. I have to really rub these little pieces off with wipes every time i change him. Second, i noticed they're not as absorbent as other diapers i have used. For the price i always hope for a better product. I keep purchasing them though because i love the brand and lack of harsh chemicals used in the product. UPDATE****** I’ve learned a hard lesson. Don’t use these diapers if you’re going out in public. Took my little one out and he had the worst blow out while I was out at dinner. Haha. It was horrible. I use to nanny and the kids used (horrible diapers I won’t name) but they NEVER leaked. I’ve had sooooo many leaks with babyganics. I have had a lot of leaks but they all happened at home so it wasn’t a big deal. BUT tonight it was a big deal! Had to leave dinner early and get all washed up. Read more

Amazon Customer
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on February 7, 2019

Review:We use cloth diapers. But when we are out and about or crushing a weekend party we use these diapers. They don't have nasty stuff in them (before the poo) and they are simple. Also they can LAST if you need them too. We hate the idea that our kids diapers are filling up the land fill. So these break down... Read more

Rating:3.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on May 28, 2019

Review:I loved the size Newborn, 1, and 2 Babyganics diapers. I ended up switching to Pampers Pure at size 3 for two reasons: (1) Babyganics size 3 and up do not have the wetness indicator, which is a necessity for me; and (2) Babyganics size 3 did not fit my baby nearly as well as sizes NB, 1, and 2. I have an underweight, average height baby), and size 3 was too short when my baby was only 16-17 lbs - my baby started waking up in the morning covered in pee. Read more

Kailee Lafer
Rating:1.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on November 26, 2018

Review:During my pregnancy I was so set on all babyganic's products but once my daughter was born I very quickly did not like any of their products. Thier diapers smell like chemicals and their bath set made my chest tight and I do not have asthma when smelling it so I never used it on my daughter. I switched to MadeOf and LOVE their diapers! Read more

Rating:4.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on December 28, 2020

Review:After reading up on all of the additives in diapers, I decided I wanted to try a more natural diaper. (And I sure don't have patience for cloth.) I actually really like these diapers, except for 2 things. Pros: Absorbent More natural Has wetness indicator Cons: You have to do an extra step to get the tabs open (open diaper, open tab flap, open tab flap again, open tabs) They don't mask odor, which is both good (no chemicals) and bad (diapers stink almost instantly) I plan to continue buying Babyganics diapers and do recommend them. They've caught some major blowouts, up to the seams, so I'm impressed! Read more


Date:Reviewed in Mexico on February 19, 2020

Review:He utilizado otras marcas como pampers swaddlers, huggies supreme , the honest company y estos pañales me parecieron al principio diferentes . Ya que eran más delgados y con una textura cómo de papel , pero son muy buenos ! Tienen muchísima capacidad de absorción, no hemos tenido accidentes o derrames, y es difícil ya que nuestro bebé sólo toma leche materna (sus desechos son más líquidos). Read more

Dani SC

Date:Reviewed in Mexico on August 18, 2019

Review:muy buenos Read more

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