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Promark - Virtual Reality 3D Goggles White - Pre-Owned

  • ASIN: B01MZ69HTK
  • WEIGHT: 1.15 Pounds
  • Quantity Left: 999

PKR Rs. 12,131.00 /-

Premium virtual reality goggles with a 3D view, perfect for virtual reality interaction on your smartphone. Travel out to any place with just the use of technology and make your virtual reality sight better by using these Neomark 3D Virtual Reality Glasses of tremendous value. If you previously had trouble with your 3D virtual reality video glasses, it is the time to try the new Neomark Virtual Reality Smartphone 3D video glasses. Get the super amazing 3D virtual reality video glasses to have an ultimately exclusive experience of virtual reality through your phones. It is easy to use and can connect to any nearby smartphone. This set of 3D virtual reality glasses comes with all the basic accessories. These virtual reality glasses are extremely useful for the proficient use of 3D photography apps and virtual reality gaming. Enter a new zone of virtual reality with the astounding features of Neomark 3D Virtual Reality Glasses. It comes in highly-imported quality from Amazon and is now available in Pakistan. Being the best-selling product at Amazon, we provide this ultimate entertainment accessory anywhere in Pakistan with cash on delivery.

Smartphone connectivity: With its efficient connectivity for smartphones, these 3D virtual reality goggles can connect to any smartphone. This feature makes these 3D video glasses universal for its remarkable connectivity.

Comfortable fitting: The inner foam of these smartphone 3D glasses is extremely soft to touch the skin. Provides a nice and comfortable fitting.

Adjustable optical lens: This easy to use 3D video glasses are equipped with an easily adjustable optical lens that you can fix according to your requirements.

Amazing virtual reality interaction: Connect this wonderful Neomark Virtual Reality for Smartphone 3D Video Glasses to your smartphone and watch 3D movies and 3D virtual reality games.

Enhance your online shopping experience with us by shopping such high technology products at exclusive rates. With the high-quality Neomark 3D virtual reality glasses set, you can carry out various virtual reality experiences as in virtual reality movies, virtual reality games, and thousands of virtual reality inspired apps that give you a new virtual reality acquaintance.