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3 Inch High Pressure Shower Head - Best Pressure Boosting, Wall Mount, Bathroom Showerhead For Low Flow Showers, 2.5 GPM - Chrome

Price:PKR. 5,404.00 /

Asin: B01EVYG8ZQ
Product weight: 5.5 Pounds
Product dimentsions: 0 x 3.1 x 4.7 inch
Cost Break Down
About this item This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. P.when("ReplacementPartsBulletLoader").execute(function(module){ module.initializeDPX(); }) NOT FOR SALE IN CALIFORNIA - Shower heads sold in California cannot exceed 1.8 GPM water flow. California residents must choose the 1.8 GPM CALIFORNIA size. ?? UNLIKE OTHER SHOWER HEADS THAT are made from cheap, thin plastic that leaks after a few showers, the Aqua Elegante Shower Head has a THICK LAYER of ROBUST ABS THERMOPLASTIC RESIN that is BPA FREE. The high pressure showerhead RESISTS CORROSION, WITHSTANDS PHYSICAL IMPACT, and DOESN'T RUST - while still being LIGHTWEIGHT and EASY-TO-HANDLE. What this means to you is a LONG LASTING shower head without having to deal with internal leaks. ?? DON'T PUT UP WITH SHOWER HEADS THAT clog up or spray in weird directions. We engineered our showerhead with SELF-CLEANING NOZZLES made from MINERAL-RESISTANT SILICONE. The nozzles are shaped to jet water flow, which PREVENTS CALCIUM BUILD-UP inside and on the nozzles. You NO LONGER NEED TO WORRY about hard water clogging up your spray nozzles. ?? NO MORE DEALING WITH shower heads that barely trickle out water or needle your skin with thin streams or peel your skin off with excess pressure. Our shower head will make you ENJOY SHOWERING AGAIN with a traditional, firm spray. ?? OUR MISSION IS TO HAVE YOU enjoy a better shower right away. That is why we made our shower head SUPER EASY TO INSTALL. Just twist it on! No plumbers required. We have clear, STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS with pictures to guide you through the 1-minute installation. We also include a FREE ROLL of HIGH-QUALITY TEFLON TAPE, saving you time and discomfort during set-up. ?? WE BELIEVE A SHOWER HEAD SHOULD be installed once and then enjoyed for many years. That is why we use DURABLE BRASS FITTINGS that don't crack or leak like most plastic threads. And our ball joints allow an EXTRA RANGE OF MOTION, so you can point the shower head exactly where you want it. We are real people who use our own products every day. We expect the BEST FOR OUR FAMILY and want the SAME FOR YOURS. ? See more product details
‎Aqua Elegante
Part Number
‎High Pressure Shower - Chrome
Item Weight
‎5 ounces
Product Dimensions
‎3.1 x 3.1 x 4.7 inches
Item model number
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer
‎2.5 GPM
‎High Pressure Shower Head
Installation Method
Item Package Quantity
Flow Rate
‎2.5 Gallons Per Minute
Water Consumption
‎2.5 Gallons per Minute
Cutting Diameter
‎3 Inches
Measurement System
Special Features
Batteries Included?
Batteries Required?
Assembled Diameter
‎3 Inches
Date First Available
May 1, 2016
student in arizona
Rating:4.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on May 31, 2018

Review:I purchased this shower head after reading all the positive reviews. I'm going to compare it to my current gold standard, the Siroflex. Unfortunately the newest model of the Siroflex has implemented unwelcome changes such as a non-removable flow restrictor and fewer holes, which made me look for another alternative online. First, the positives. The Aqua Elegante features silicone nozzles that allow for easy cleaning of water deposits that accumulate over time. This product also has different body finishes (I bought mine in chrome), so it will match the pipe color it attaches to, blending in with the surrounding fixtures. The water flow restrictor is also not built in, so it is easy to remove. The biggest plus is that the Aqua Elegante is as stated a high pressure shower head. There is no misleading advertising here. I actually measured the water output of this product for you guys. I marked the water level in a 5 gallon bucket after 1 minute of water flow. The pipe delivering water is a standard 1/2 inch pipe on the second floor of my house. #1 - The blue tape marked as '1' was the showerhead WITH the restrictor in place. After 1 minute of water flow, it filled up 45% of the 5 gallon bucket, equivalent to 2.25 gallons per minute. This is slightly below US Federal regulations which caps these products at 2.5 gpm. #2 - The blue tape marked as '2' represents both the Aqua Elegante and Siroflex with the restrictor removed. Yes, I was curious so I measured both. Each shower head produced the exact same water level after 1 minute of water flow, which was surprising to me as the Aqua Elegante was physically bigger. But the Siroflex has more holes, so I guess it evens out. After 1 minute of water flow, both shower heads filled up 65% of the 5 gallon bucket, equivalent to 3.25 gallons per minute. #3 - The blue tape marked as '3' represents the water level with NO shower head attached. As stated earlier, water output is from a standard 1/2 inch pipe. After 1 minute of water flow, it filled up 75% of a 5 gallon bucket, equivalent to 3.75 gallons per minute. I was surprised to learn that there is very little difference in water flow between this shower head and a naked 1/2 inch water pipe with no attachments. Notice that there isn't much difference between the water levels of #2 and #3! If the water flow is at 100% with no shower head, then the Aqua Elegante/Siroflex without a restrictor would allow 85% of the water through. Very impressive. Now the negatives. After using the Aqua Elegante I still prefer the Siroflex. This is because the spray pattern on the Aqua Elegante is much larger compared to the Siroflex. This has the effect of making you feel each of the 42 water streams since they are spaced further apart. In fact, it can feel quite unpleasant sometimes as the combination of strong water pressure and wide spacing of water streams makes it feel like you are getting an acupuncture with water needles. I don’t get this effect on the Siroflex because there are so many more holes in a smaller spray pattern that it never feels uncomfortable. Remember that despite the physical differences between the Aqua Elegante and Siroflex they output the same amount of water. Overall I feel that the Aqua Elegante is a good product for the reasons stated earlier, but I would still recommend the older Siroflex model if you can find it. Read more

David L. Miller
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on February 18, 2017

Review:Perfect shower head. My story: about a year ago, I had my bathroom renovated with a large walk in shower. The first time I used it, I nearly broke the handle off trying to get a little water pressure. The installer explained that new EPA rules required a low water pressure head and no more adjustable handle. The handle only provided cold to hot mix. The shower head they installed was rated supposedly at 2gpm. I just never felt clean with this old shower head. Could not get the soap out of my hair or even off my skin. I started looking for a new shower head at the big box stores and all had were permanent flow restrictors. I saw this aqua elegante shower head on Amazon that said the flow restrictor could be removed, and it was very reasonably priced. I quickly ordered it, and before installing it, I removed the flow restrictor. Big mistake. After installing the new shower head, I turned on the water and knew right away I was going to get strong water pressure. The water was hitting the back wall for the first time ever. I stepped into my shower stall, and the water pressure was so strong, I had to take a step back. I tried to endure, and lathered up. The shower blasted the soap off me and my hair was soap free. I've never felt so invigorated. It was like I was being sand blasted with stinging water. I bent over to wash my feet and nearly gave myself an anemia. I knew I had to put the flow restrictor back in the shower head. I put the flow restrictor back in the shower head and bingo, I had perfect water pressure and a very satisfying shower. I now look forward to my morning shower. I'm very pleased with the aqua elegante shower head and also knowing that I'm in compliance with the EPA. Read more

Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on January 31, 2018

Review:Simply put - this shower head indeed works and performs as advertised. I live in an apartment where the water pressure is so very low that with a regular shower head it just trickles straight down in the shower and there is honestly no way to shower and rinse off in any way. I have purchased two other amplifying shower heads in the past that worked alright but certainly not great. With the second one that was much more expensive than this one mind you I finally got so frustrated with showering always being a burden that was ultra time consuming and just something I always dreaded that I started my research again. So I read the reviews here and thought what do I have to loose. It must do something with all these raves. The small and well constructed shower head arrived well packaged. I immediately took out the flow restrictor using the very easy to follow included instructions. Three minutes to install and I held my breath as I turned the shower on ready to test it. New paragraph for I need to make my point here. I am not exaggerating when I say this shower head makes showering a pleasurable experience finally. However it does its magic the water comes out with a steady flow that never falters. The first shower with this shower head had me giddy with joy as I luxuriated in being able to use body wash, wash my hair and fully rinse and just feel the steady flow all over. The first few days I was thrilled that my showers could be shorter since I could wash and rinse so much faster but over time I am again now lingering for it is such a pleasure to shower. I am actually taking two a day and don't want to leave. it is so amazing to be able to end the day with a relaxing full force shower that massages and relaxes. The other brand shower head I had used had said to be careful when showering for at times the hot water may get stronger than the cold. I don't get why but nothing like that is an issue here. It is so great to have a product that does what it says. Huge thanks Aqua Elegante. Lastly this shower head does not drip at all, is very well constructed and I foresee long durability. If you do have some dripping from the shower pipe or the head make sure it is attached correctly. Make sure the shower pipe is clean and has fresh tape. Highly recommend this shower head. For those of you with low water pressure you can identify when I talk about showers where you can't rinse it all. Believe me this shower head performs far beyond any expectations I had. Read more

Christopher T.

Date:Reviewed in Canada on April 30, 2021

Review:# this is a repost - previous review disappeared somehow I bought this about 10 months ago to replace an aging showerhead that's difficult to move/turn with slightly clogged nozzles due to hard water/mineral build-up. It was working fine at first; however, water flow gradually decreased overtime and I realized that quite a few nozzles either have much less water coming out or just barely any (possibly mineral build-up or something inside broke; can't say for sure) when I took a closer look at it 2 weeks ago or so. Suffice to say I'm rather disappointed at the performance and I had to get another one as I didn’t really have time to toy around with something like this nor did I want to. I ended up getting something else (recommended by a friend) for nearly half the price that's made of metal (not that I care if it's metal as long as it works). The water pressure was ok at best after comparing with the new one I bought which is also rated at 2.5 GPM (so at least one of them is inaccurate). I'm not entire sure exactly HOW this 'self-cleaning' thing works but it didn't appear to do anything based on my past experience. As such, it's nothing more than a gimmick or advertising scheme to me. All in all, it's good while it lasted; though, it's medium value at best given the price. There are better ones out there on amazon. *** It's much appreciated if you found the review helpful, please click on the Helpful button below *** Read more

Jo Hughes

Date:Reviewed in the United Kingdom on January 4, 2021

Review:I have a gravity fed power shower that is a straight pipe out of ceiling. My husband is 6ft 4inches and I'm only 5ft tall. Therefore the pipe exit is quite close to the ceiling. In the past I've had those big round or square shower heads that look great but due to water needing to distribute across more surface area the flow isn't very powerful. Having long hair it takes ages to rinse shampoo/conditioner out. I installed the Aqua Elegante head this morning. Ensuring I followed the very clear instructions supplied. Had my first shower and was very impressed with the performance. My husband was dead against changing to a smaller head (I never take any notice of him anyway as I usually know best) 😁. And he was equally impressed. Also very impressed with courteous seller communication. 100% recommend this product /seller. (I rarely write reviews, only tend to if I'm really happy with a product). Read more

Amazon Customer

Date:Reviewed in the United Kingdom on May 29, 2020

Review:Shower head is OK. Bought it specifically to remedy low flow/pressure in my daughters flat. No instructions provided on how to remove the flow limiter. Also couldn't find the instructions on-line. Tried to help my daughter to (remotely via video call) remove it. She managed to remove the filter with a bit of difficulty but couldn't get the limiter out so she just had to replace the filter and use it as is. The result was a bit underwhelming, particularly as it was advertised as being able to "blast out water at an incredibly high pressure.." and that " our flow restrictions are easy to remove, and we tell you exactly how to do it"...none of which is true. Read more

malcolm brown

Date:Reviewed in the United Kingdom on September 9, 2019

Review:Having just received this item as a replacement I installed it with consummate ease within less than I minute, I really did appreciate the free issue of plumbers tape which I also used, a nice gesture. My system benefits from a direct water feed and therefore have really good pressure and having tested the fit I am well satisfied with this nice bit of kit which does the job perfectly and really good value for money. However I noticed that many other comments on this item referred to the need to remove the water control mechanism and was looking forward to see how, if at all, it made any difference to my shower experience but contrary there were no instructions how to do this, despite the many comments they were easy to understand. Can anyone help? Read more


Date:Reviewed in the United Kingdom on February 24, 2019

Review:My old showerhead broke and I visited local specialist shop thinking it would be straight forward to buy replacement. I was quickly told by sales person that there was no replacement to suit on the market. I thought this strange, so decided to look on Amazon and lone behold, I found exactly what I was looking for! After a quick check of the product specifics, I ordered for next day delivery and it arrived promptly before 9.30am. I received a friendly email from the seller with helpful information and the offer to contact them direct if I encountered any problems. No need! The showerhead was replaced in less than 5 mins and works and looks great! Highly recommended, customer service was spot on and the product instructions made the job nice and simple. Delighted with my purchase. Read more

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