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The First Years Straw Cup, Pink Take and Toss, 10 Ounce, 4-Count, Single set

  • ASIN: B00B071M0E
  • WEIGHT: 3.52 Ounces
  • Quantity Left: 999

PKR Rs. 3,415.00 /-

The ultimate set of 4 take & toss spill proof straw cups for kids is the best they can have. Easily disposable, these straw cups with lids are environmentally friendly as they can be efficiently reduced, reused and recycled. Their market value is marked by the biodegradable feature. Available in various bright colors, choose the colors of your kids’ preference. These wonderful multi colored Take & toss spill proof straw cups are perfect for use by kids, specially toddlers who love to shake their hands while drinking effortlessly. The colorful straws ensure a fast flow of the liquids inside; juice, water, milk etc. extremely safe to toss as the lids fix perfectly on the cups and allow no leakage.

Premium plastic: Made with the premium quality rich plastic which is safe from all the toxics. Absolutely BPA free and phthalate free, multi colors

Durable: The high-quality manufacture of these amazing Take & toss spill proof straw cups for kids makes them better than other kids straw cups and hence last longer. The fine durability of these straw cups marks their distinction from other ordinary straw cups with lids.

Stackable: These lightweight Take & toss spill proof straw cups for kids are easy to carry anywhere. When not in use, these can be stacked together in a pile and thus become a significant space saver.

Easy cleaning: These easy to use straw cups are easy to clean as well. the valve free lids are easy to clean with hands or brush. Absolutely safe in dishwashers as well. Colors: Available in different and vibrant colors.

Capacity: Each straw cup contains 10 ounces of the drink.

These portable Take & toss spill proof straw cups for kids can be used at home and for picnics as well. suitable for use while in schools, cars, parks and travelling anywhere. Imported in the original quality from Amazon, these Take & toss spill proof straw cups for kids are available in Pakistan in various attractive colors. Place your orders to grab these amazing straw cups for your kids who love to toss their cups consciously or unconsciously in fun.