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Coleman Camping Cookware | 5-Piece Aluminum Nesting Mess Kit

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Product Description Fit all the cookware and dishes you need to make and enjoy a hearty meal in the size of a pie pan with the Coleman 5-Piece Aluminum Mess Kit. Our engineers have designed a 7-in. (17.78 cm) frying pan, 16-oz. (473.18 ML) pot with lid, 6.5-in. deep-dish plate and 8-oz. aluminum cup to nest perfectly together and snap shut for easy storage. Every camper needs a mess kit come chow time , and this nesting set from Coleman has you covered for campsite cooking and eating alike. The five-piece kit includes an eight-ounce cup, six-inch deep dish plate, 7.5-inch frying pan, and 16-ounce pot with lid. All of the pieces stack and store within the pot, and clean easily. The Coleman Limited Warranty Coleman has been in business for more than 100 years, and continues to produce high-quality, affordable tents, lanterns, table-top stoves, and more. All Coleman products have a limited manufacturer's warranty against defects in material and workmanship, and warranty specifics are included with your purchase. About Coleman Outdoor Products More than 100 years ago, an entrepreneurial young man named W.C. Coleman had an idea for manufacturing better lanterns in Wichita, Kansas. A century later, Coleman's current catalog features a wide-ranging array of products that make spending time outside a pleasure. The company crafts coolers that keep food and drinks cold for days, airbeds that are comfortable and won't deflate during the night, a complete line of bright and long-lasting LED lights, powerful portable grills that cook with an authentic open-grill flame, and more.
Rating:1.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on January 20, 2020

Review:It turned black and with a big flame the first time used, there was a disgusting burnt oil smell, I think it can be toxic, please don't buy, a waste of money Read more

Tim Schrage
Rating:4.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on December 5, 2020

Review:Ok, so as others have noted food sticks etc. There are two tricks to using a backpack based, lightweight aluminum cooking set on a open fire. 1.) Before putting your pan or pot in a fire, you want to coat the outside with soap. (Dishsoap preferable). This helps prevent burning and warping of your gear. 2.) Per 1 above, you want to be observant of the amount of heat these are put under. They are aluminum, because they are really designed for one's backpack as to help keep the weight down when backpacking (weight is everything). This can be accomplished per 3 below. 3.) As with any campfire and cooking; The best idea, would be to dig a shallow hole, remove hot coals from your fire and place them in the hole before placing your cookware over the coals. You are not dealing with flames at that point and you have a far more manageable cooking surface and temperature. I have also baked cakes with this method by burying a cake pan in hot coals and covering it all with the same dirt from the hole. 4.) In your pans when cooking meat, pancakes etc, you need to keep their surfaces "wet" so your food does not stick. PAM non stick spray can and does work, but so does bacon fat (not to mention, who doesnt like the flavor of bacon?). If you plan to go camping, hiking etc start saving your bacon fat in advance, in a glass jar with a sealable lid. After it cools it congeals and you can add to it as needed. When you need some for your cookware you can remove some from your jar with a simples spoon. Make sure to coat the surface evenly including the side rims. It makes an excellent cooking lubricant. Read more

Jordan B.
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on May 16, 2016

Review:So this is your basic ultra light cook set. I'll go over my perceptions as far as pros and cons below, then summarize my overall feeling. Pros: -Super light weight, great for backpacking. - Each piece serves an essential purpose, but you could save more weight by ditching the aluminum cup or one of the larger cookware objects. - When all set inside one another and clasped together with the handle of the pan (as anticipated by the manufacturer) there is no jangling or shaking; its a nice secure fit. - Heats up quickly and cools quickly. - The price! Much cheaper than other sets on here. Cons: - Food does stick. As other reviews say, use sand or gravel to scrub, then rinse with water. Good as new. - Handle can get hot if left on fire or heat source for a long time. - Metal cup can get hot when filled with hot liquids. Overall, I think this is a great set for its purpose. I am not cooking gourmet meals when I camp, because I'm trying to save weight and time and not bring all kinds of food supplies. This set allows one to boil water and fry something simultaneously, then have a mess plate to throw your eggs in and a cup to drink the coffee you just boiled in. It will serve well for making simple meals and eating them, while not taking up space or weight in your backpack. It is a no frills set up that will be something you can rely on, if you are ok with no frills. Can't be beaten for the price. Read more

Rating:2.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on May 10, 2017

Review:I had a kit like this as a kid that I used for years. I was excited to give this to my son who is a boy scout. But I was really disappointed in the quality of this kit. The price was right, but the aluminum is extremely flimsy. The handle on the pan bends even when there is very little food in the pan. Feels more like a toy then a legitimate mess kit. Read more

Laura R.
Rating:4.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on January 6, 2016

Review:I’ve wanted to camp more for a while now, so I finally got a group of friends together and did it. I purchased this set as a rudimentary set to use, and was supposed to be one of two people to bring “dishes” into camp. Well, they forget their set, so I was definitely glad I purchased one before we went camping. This set served my purposes well, and is definitely meant for one or two people, max. If you have a small group of people, or cook in batches, it can still do the trick, but it will just take longer. I’m confident this mess kit should last me a while. Yes, it scratches easily and loses its shine quickly, but I really don’t care about that since I only got it to function as a lightweight kit. There are four main pieces in this mess kit: a small cup, “frying” pan, a shallow pot, and a shallow bowl. The cup was able to hold about 8 oz. of liquid, the frying pan could easily fit a seared sausage, and the pot was able to fit about half a can of soup with about ¼” to spare at the top (in other words, enough for one person). PROS: -Lightweight. -Easy to assemble the handles. -They all stack together, so they take up less room in your pack. -Perfect to use with a small camping stove. -Heats up quickly, so you use less butane. Only takes a minute or so cool down enough to eat, but it kept the soup warm the whole time. CONS: -Like many people said before me, they stick very easily. -I don’t know if this is just my paranoia, but the handles seemed very flimsy. They didn’t break off while in use, but I was constantly afraid they would. Read more

Luis Ibarra Bellon

Date:Reviewed in Mexico on May 14, 2017

Review:Ligero, económico Para una persona , máximo Para 2 , ideal Para Campismo y hoteles con cocineta y preparar alimentos En volúmenes pequeños y/o para niños , el precio menor imposible , Amazon como siempre Rápido y seguro . Read more

Manuel Miron

Date:Reviewed in Mexico on July 4, 2017

Review:estos artículos para cocinar dejan mucho que desear su calidad es deficiente, son muy delgados y se manchan con facilidad para mi son como desechables lo único a considerar es que son muy baratos y por eso me imagino la calidad del producto Read more

Luis E. Ordaz

Date:Reviewed in Mexico on August 24, 2016

Review:Excelente kit, todo se apila y ocupa muy poco espacio, y la ser de aluminio pesa casi nada, excelente para backpacking. Read more

Cliente de Amazon

Date:Reviewed in Mexico on November 25, 2017

Review:Es demasiado pequeño, pero igual cumple con su función, aunque es muy delgado el material, aunque lo hace más liviano para transportar. Read more

Cliente de Amazon

Date:Reviewed in Mexico on April 27, 2016

Review:todo bien y a tiempo,gracias por la confianza,recomiendo al vendedor al 100 por ciento, esperemos futuras compras saludos y mucha suerte Read more

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