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The Club 1000 Original Club Steering Wheel Lock, Red

  • ASIN: B0000CBILL
  • WEIGHT: 2 Pounds
  • Quantity Left: 999

PKR Rs. 17,423.00 /-

Keep your vehicles safe and secure with this premium Auto Steering Wheel Security Lock Vehicle Anti-Theft Device for Cars. Made with the special innovation to prevent car theft, this wheel lock is made with high quality and durable material that puts all the efforts of the thieves in vain. It perfectly locks and jams the wheel movement unless you unlock it. Available in the best and original quality as imported from the USA, this amazing wheel locking device is now available in Pakistan. You can rely on this wonderful and safe wheel locking device for your car. No labor is required for its installation and assembling. Its quick and easy installment makes it efficient and highly recommended. Everyone wants to keep their vehicles safe. This wheel lock is universal; equally functional for cars, pickups, trucks, vans, and all other vehicles as well. what’s better than knowing that your vehicle is well-protected when out of sight?

Premium metal: Magnasonic AUTO LOCK 200 Auto Steering Wheel Security Lock is made with the original and 100% pure metal that is extremely durable. The high-quality and toughness of the pure metal makes the vehicle steering wheel lock hard, rather impossible to break.

Self-locking: Its self-locking feature within a single pull marks its idealness and a well-protected vehicle security system.

Best anti-theft device: By using Magnasonic AUTO LOCK 200 Auto Steering Wheel Security Lock, you choose the trustworthy and highly functional anti-theft locking device for your vehicle. It prevents wheel movement, making the car immovable.

Buy the incredible wheel lock for your vehicle to avail of 100% security and surety of the safety of the vehicle. Place your orders right away to avail of this useful wheel locking tool at an extremely great price. Stay fully satisfied with the efficiency of the Magnasonic AUTO LOCK 200 Auto Steering Wheel Security Lock for your vehicles trusting the high-quality manufacture of Magasonic. Check out other locking system tools for your cars to ensure full security of your vehicles.