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USB Wall Charger, Surge Protector, POWRUI 6-Outlet Extender with 2 USB Charging Ports (2.4A Total) and Night Light, 3-Sided Power Strip with Adapter Spaced Outlets - White,ETL Listed

Price:PKR. 6,128.00 /

Asin: B07CCGBB7M
Product weight: 13.7 Pounds
Product dimentsions: 0 x 0 x 0 inch
Cost Break Down
Package Dimensions
5.83 x 4.13 x 2.76 inches
Item Weight
10.5 ounces
Item model number
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer
Date First Available
April 13, 2018
William Stevens
Rating:3.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on November 17, 2018

Review:20181117: Finally got two of these units installed. The lights work well, and the side angled receptacles are nice for keep cords closer to the wall. I gave the units 3 stars because mounting is not simply a matter of plugging in and tightening the screw. First, the screw that comes with the unit does not fit a US receptacle. US receptacles use a #6-32 type thread to mount the faceplate. The screw provided with the device is both a smaller diameter and a finer thread. Thus, a trip to the hardware store was needed. I could only find 2" screws -- 2 1/2" would have been the right size -- so I had to drill out the center post and modify the spacer. Second, note that the units mount better if the faceplate is left in place. Without the faceplate, the units wobble. If the manufacturer will change the screw, and even better, provide both a 2-1/4" and a 2-1/2" screw, these would be optimal devices. Read more

Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on January 21, 2020

Review:I was constantly having to unplug something in my kitchen to make room for charging my iPhone or watch or using the slow cooker or any of the other half dozen things I wanted to use at the most convenient spot in the house...the kitchen counter. My 140 year old house has a distinct shortage of outlets in the kitchen, so this product looked like a good option. It exceeded my expectations, and has made my electronic life much simpler. Features that I love other than the excellent number of outlet options it gives are that it screws into place (so it doesn’t pull out of the outlet when you try to unplug something), the versatility of having the USB ports, and the light feature that I appreciate a stupid amount. Yeah, the light switch is right next to it on the wall, but who wants to flip on a light just to plug something in? So basically the price was great, it arrived quickly, and it looks nice. I have a cordless phone plugged in, plus an Echo Show, my Apple Watch charger, my iPad, and an iPhone plugged in, with outlets to spare. I’ll run out of counter space before I run out of outlets. Read more

Praveen Vijayshankar
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on January 4, 2020

Review:Benefits : 1. This is the first outlet extender that I have used where all 6 outlets can be used without the plugs clashing with each other. 2. The night light is calm and soothing and does not blind me when I have to use it. 3. The touch sensitive switch is also sensitive to touch and response. 4. The outlet draws power from the lower plug point and so another benefit for me is I can use all 6 ports even if the switch is turned off as my outlet has the upper plug controlled by the switch. Cons : 1. The screw to fix the plug to the outlet is not long enough to work when the outlet cover is installed. As a result, I had to remove the cover to screw the plug to the outlet. But there is a gap between the extender and the wall which I am not sure is safe. 2. The night light auto turn on functionality is not reliable. I have seen it turn on at random times and some times does not turn on at all. Read more

Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on August 29, 2018

Review:Excellent design that solved my long-term issue! I have a corner wall outlet where we plug in digital clock, table lamp, computer charger and cell phone chargers. For a long time we have been using an outlet extender strip, which has a thick long line laying on the floor. Even with the multiple outlets the extender provided, we sometimes still need to unplug and re-plug some chargers because they have big head that occupies multiple outlet spaces. Surprisingly, this relatively small device provides large space on the side which can easily fit two big head chargers, USB outlet saves you another charger head space, and the night light function makes it easy for you to see the outlets in dark corners or at night. This product is a perfect space saver for office and entertainment areas for your home. Thumbs up! Read more

Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on December 29, 2019

Review:This may not be something you'd think someone wanted as a gift, but I gave it as a gift. The day my mother opened it, she didn't know how much she would get to like it. After a few days when I realized she hadn't even plugged it in yet, I installed it for her and forgot to tell her. Once she saw how many outlets it had, the nightlight and the USB ports for charging, she thanked me a few times. Previously, she had only one outlet in her small bathroom and any time she'd use her hair dryer, she'd have to unplug her toothbrush or her nightlight. With this, she doesn't have to unplug and re-plug anything AND the nightlight is a great feature, with touch settings to make it dim or shut off completely AND once daylight hits it, it turns off automatically. I liked hers so much, I ended up buying one for myself too. Read more

C. Solomon
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on December 8, 2018

Review:I don't take the time to review as many products as I should on Amazon, but I had to stop and insert a review on this one. I was looking for a compact outlet extender to give me 6 outlets in a space where I don't have room for a traditional strip surge protector. PRACTICAL: This product is fantastic! It has good surge immunity specs and allowed be to plug in 4 large power bricks, 1 normal power cable, and still have 1 outlet free for further expansion. GOOD LOOKING: The coolest part is that I have it in my kitchen and it actually looks great on the wall. The additional 2 USB power ports are also super handy. QUALITY: The build quality exceeded my exceptions. Its build from a thick sturdy plastic material. NIGHT-LIGHT: I already have a motion activated light switch in my kitchen so I am not using the night light feature, but they really thought of everything by adding that neat feature as well. I am looking forward to seeing other great products from this company. They have some cleaver product designers who really think of everything! Read more

Patrick B

Date:Reviewed in Canada on June 19, 2020

Review:This was working well until today when my wife noticed a burning plastic smell. Her laptop was plugged into it for a few hours, along with a lamp and Amazon Alexa. The power cord on her laptop charger had melted and the outlet was burned. When I removed it, it was noticeably very hot. We always remove our plugs from power bars after use, but this could have caused a fire and I will be reporting the item to amazon. I installed this properly and we have never added anything to overload it. Writing this review as a cautionary tale. Read more

Makenzie Klerks

Date:Reviewed in Canada on November 27, 2019

Review:Appears to be very cheaply made. And honestly paying $30 seems like a lot with it being so cheaply made. The night light function is cool as works as it should. Has an audible hum when light is on max brightness ( not sure if that’s just my unit ). All outlet spots worked as they should but they are EXTREMELY tight. The USB charging ports did not work right out of the box. Will be returning this cheap product. Do not buy. Read more

Amazon Customer

Date:Reviewed in Canada on May 16, 2019

Review:When I found this item, I ordered it right away. Not only does it expand my outlets, it also has its own built in surge protector, thereby doubling, and not compromising, the safety. Overall unique design allowing for odd shaped transformer blocks, while still allowing room for standard plugs, plus USB and all with surge protection. Excellent in most respects. The USB parts are charging really fast and I love the compact size as it only covers one outlet so I can plug something else in. It also has a great nightlight, sensor works perfect. Thinking I may need some for my house as I have others who could make use of. Very good product and wouldn't hesitate to order again. Read more

Willemina C

Date:Reviewed in Canada on October 10, 2019

Review:I really wanted to like this but I received a dud. It was impossible to plug anything into two of the outlets, something wasn't lined up properly on the inside since I could see copper wire directly where the plug should go into the outlet. Didn't seem safe so I returned it. I found it too expensive to have such an obvious quality control issue. Also you need older style outlets with a center screw to firmly attach to your outlets, didn't seem secure enough without using the centre screw. Read more


Date:Reviewed in Canada on July 30, 2019

Review:I was actually looking for an outlet splitter that would have enough room for a night light when I found this one with an integrated dawn to dusk light, surge protector and 2 USB ports!! The light is warmer in hue than my picture suggests and it gives just enough light for my bathroom at night. Also, it rests firmly on the wall even without the middle screw. So far I couldn’t be happier... I like the widely spaced outlets and with 6 outlets, I have more than I need! Read more