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FURINNO Efficient Home Laptop Notebook Computer Desk, Square Side Shelves, Espresso/Black

Price:PKR. 58,261.00 /

Asin: B0056NQV40
Product weight: 22 Pounds
Product dimentsions: 15.6 x 39.6 x 33.6 inch
Cost Break Down
Color: Espresso/Black |  Style: Square Side Shelves Furinno 11192 Efficient Home Laptop Notebook Computer Desk is designed for space saving and modern stylish look. It is great for apartments and dorms where space is limited. The shelves provide additional storage spaces for your needs. The main material - medium density composite wood is manufactured in Malaysia and compliant with CARB regulations. There is no foul smell, durable and the material is the most stable amongst the medium density composite woods. The PVC tube is made from recycled plastic and is tested for its durability. A simple attitude towards lifestyle is reflected directly on the design of Furinno Furniture, creating a trend of simply nature. Care instructions: wipe clean with clean damped cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals. Pictures are for illustration purpose. All decor items are not included in this offer.
Product Dimensions
15.6 x 39.6 x 33.6 inches
Item Weight
22 pounds
Country of Origin
Item model number
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer
Material Care Instructions
Wipe clean with clean damped cloth, Avoid using harsh chemicals
Specification met
Assembly Required
Warranty Description
1 year limited manufacturer.
Number of Shelves
Batteries Required?
Included Components
Assembly Instructions
Rating:4.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on November 27, 2016

Review:Here is my review/suggestions.... I am a composer/musician/artist/mosaicist and work from home - basically a work-station for each discipline. Purchased two of these to clear up space in my livingroom. 27$ - so I purchased two. This is NOT a product to be all gung-ho in assembling. Make some tea/coffee/other beverage, relax, put on some music, and enjoy the journey of assembly, while getting to know the new addition to your flat. Things to consider - 1 - Not Tiffany quality, but if put together with some extra love, it will last awhile. 2 - Gorilla Glue, wood glue version. This is optional, but recommended. GLUE EVERYTHING! From the screws to the joints NOTE - this will render your product moot for return and disassembly. But, it will be sturdier to some degree since this is particle board. 3 - Cats. If you have them, either put them away while you assemble or accept that they will want to 'help'. Be aware there are tiny things they might eat or play with and lose, and it comes with styrofoam (which I don't understand why they still use - it's just harmful to everything) 4 - Surfaces. This scratches easily and I have cement floors. Put a towel down or do this on carpet to avoid scratches. Make sure whatever you decide, it's as level/flat as possible. 5 - Power Drill. Be seriously carefull with this. Use one, yes, but short, light, bursts, as this is particle board and will rip apart easily. 6 - Cleaning. Soft towel and Windex or other light cleaner works well. Don't be aggressive as it scratches easily. The instructions are... ok. Do a mock run before final assembly, especially if you opt to use glue. When gluing joints and whatnot, have a heavy object near to place on top while you allow the glue to dry a bit before continuing. The pieces are marked with LETTERS in RED, however, kind of hard to read. But at least they are there. Also which direction they go can also be kind of vague. Some of the diagrams are not accurate. I have included a photo one. The LARGER rods go on the btm and the SMALLER ones on top. The TOP caps you kind of have to just keep turning, even when flat to the shelf, until it can't turn any further. If you opt to use glue - wait a few hours before using it to make sure the glue has dried/sealed. This desk can ONLY be assembled in one direction - shelves only on the one side. I purchased two and am just going to turn the other one around - or you can be reckless and free and drill new holes, going against the conformity of the directions. You Go Rockstar! (You will run the risk of destroying your new desk). It's shallow - as in from what is deemed the front to the back. 15.5". Enough for a monitor and keyboard (there is NO keyboard pull-out shelf). But not much else. All depending on the size of keyboard/monitor you have. A standard/typical desktop hard drive will fit on the lower shelf. And JUST that - depending on its weight. Again - particle board, not quite that strong. Portable hard drives and what not are perfect for the upper shelf. Photos, nicknacks, and whatnot are perfect for the top shelf - however, if you have cats, they will just be invitations to knock off. Fair warning. This desk is OPEN - as in there are NO extra holes for cords. Again, you can drill new ones yourself but you run the risk of destroying your desk. It's compact - very compact. It can fit most places in a flat - like a tiny car can fit in random/odd spaces. But pretty much just a computer/laptop station. This is NOT a desk for someone who likes to spread out while they work - hence, I purchased two. There ya go, these are just my thoughts/suggestions. It's a good desk. It works. Don't be rough with it, and it will last. Go Forth and Create! Read more

Frequency Jones
Rating:4.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on September 3, 2017

Review:I'm not a broke college student buying this desk. I'm just broke. I'm a writer, you see, and a writer needs a desk just as much as he needs an imagination. Whether I am a good writer or not is a different subject entirely. So, naturally I went with this desk. Why? Because it's cheap. I read all reviews and erred on the side of caution when purchasing it. I braced myself for what horrors I would come to purchase, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that this desk really isn't half bad. That is, if you are willing to put in a little extra work to make it last. There are screws, wooden pegs and locking screws. That's it. You'll need a crosshead screwdriver and a hammer. This is where the little extra effort comes in. I also used Gorilla Glue Wood Glue and a power drill with a crosshead attachment. I want this thing to last. So I loosened the purse strings a bit to buy a (small) bottle of Gorilla Glue to assist with my assembly. Any joint, any attachment, any screw got the glue. The whole thing is made of particle board and plastic with a faux wood finish. Hey, if you wanted to buy something carved from solid oak and aged and stained to perfection, look elsewhere. You're not building Rome, you're building a one-room truck stop on the way to Rome. No, this desk won't be perfect. It's a cookie-cutter kind of desk; you'll certainly get what you paid for if the little extra effort isn't invested. 30 minutes it says on the box for assembly. With my wood glue it took about 45 minutes. I applied liberally and often the wood glue. I used the power drill for the screws and a regular screwdriver to take it home. It's particle board and it will split and disintegrate with enough force, i.e. over-zealous power drilling. The hammer is used really only for the pegs on the bottom of the desk. And maybe excise a little frustration if that's your thing. The boards do have some semblance of organization as they each have respective letters stamped on them. A, B, C, etc. to help with the assembly. 45 minutes later and bam! I had a desk...with one minor issue. It wobbles. Not a whole lot but if I go full-on Beethoven-hammering-on-my-MacBook-keys then the desk may very well tip over. Hence the 4-star review and not 5. I made some mistakes along the way. The plastic poles looked like the taller ones were on top but nay, they are on the bottom. I accidentally placed an unfinished edge or two facing towards me; an easy fix. And I may or may not have accidentally glued my hand to a board. More than once. Stop laughing. Gorilla Glue is no joke apparently. And no, there's no need to drill your own holes. Then again, you can do what you want. I'm just a review. I added my MacBook 13.3" for scale in case you can't grasp dimensions like me. Thank you for reading. Read more

Amazon Customer
Rating:1.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on March 18, 2019

Review:Good points: 1. Very easy to construct. I did it in less than 30 minutes. 2. Looks good! Bad points: 1. It's shaky. Extremely so. In fact, it's so shaky I'm concerned about my 1.5 years old son toppling it by mistake. The entire structure of the table is unsafe, and it's practically impossible to write safely on it. I would've returned it if I could, but since I already built it, I guess it's impossible to return now. I definitely would not buy again. 2. Extremely low quality. Everything looks good from the side, but when building it up you'll see that the wood is cheap and the lamination is imperfect. I don't care much about that, but you should know what the table feels like when you actually use it. Read more

Amazon Customer
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on September 11, 2015

Review:Just bought this desk is small and convenient so I love it. The material is not the best but is a great product for the price. So far so good! Read more

Ismail Kattakath

Date:Reviewed in Canada on August 28, 2017

Review:It's strong, it's spacious and it's value for money. Highly recommended. Read more

Amazon Customer

Date:Reviewed in the United Kingdom on February 5, 2019

Review:Product is what it is It’s very basic cheaply made you get what you pay for. Easy to put together. Ideal for childens room other than home office just not suitable as it is quite small and flimsy. Think it is a little over priced for the size and quality. Package could of been a lot better hence why people are saying their items arrive damaged luckily mine was in one piece. Read more

Veronica Stonehouse

Date:Reviewed in the United Kingdom on July 17, 2019

Review:Ideal for my needs, not a sturdy piece of furniture but for the cost very good value. I’m an elderly lady and put it together myself with ease in an hour and a half. Perfect size for the small corner my husband sits in on his lap top. Plenty of shelf space for stationary etc. I had to put a board under the shelf end to avoid it dropping slightly on the carpeted floor. On a hard floor this would not be necessary. Read more


Date:Reviewed in the United Kingdom on April 22, 2020

Review:I ordered the desk on the 20th of April the next day I get an email saying it would arrive by the 21st ,Great quality for the price didn't really expect much considering the price it rather small but for my needs of plonking and xbox,a 27 inch monitor and a 13 inch laptop with a mouse its a great price,yeah its hard to play games on my laptop as theres not much room for my mouse its aight because I do most my gaming on my xbox so overall I would say,If you don't need much room on a desk and don't hit your desk too much when a dude in a deluxo kills you in gta then you should be good with this desk! Read more

Mrs G

Date:Reviewed in the United Kingdom on May 31, 2020

Review:The only bad thing about this was a sticker on the side telling me which part this was. Peeled off the sticker peeled off some of the vener finish. Makes me wonder if it was already damaged and they put the sticker there to cover it. Apart from that its fab! Bought this to work from home. Reading the description thought it would be great for what i needed. Small and compact, ideal for small spaces. I only stand 5" 2 and its the perfect height for me. Enough space on the desk top for laptop and mouse mat. Shelving on the sides for storage. Great value and very easy to assemble. Would definitely recommend for the price. Read more