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Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 Ombre

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If you are a yoga girl, or love to do yoga, then Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 Ombre, is your ideal choice. Whether you sweat a lot or a little from your feet, at some point you can lose your balance while barefoot; something that also happens if you don't wear proper socks. The yoga sling manufactured by Sanuk allow a greater firmness to the ground or the mat, therefore it will help you maintain balance.

Being barefoot in the summer in yoga class can be very pleasant; since the temperatures are higher, we are also used to wearing exposed feet with sandals and open shoes.

However, having your feet in the air in winter can be unpleasant; since the low temperatures make them cold and we cannot exercise them correctly. Also, the discomfort of having cold feet can affect the entire yoga class.

The correct maintenance of an alignment of the back and the body, the stability of a good posture; it is achieved in yoga classes, and must be maintained during the exercises. With yoga sling, you are much more aware of the muscles you move in your feet.


100% Synthetic


Rubber sole

Lightweight, two-way stretch knit upper featuring Yoga Sling comfort

Footbed made from real yoga mat with a sealed edge

Happy U rubber sponge outsole