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Chums Surfshorts Wallet - Lightweight Zippered Minimalist Wallet with Clear ID Window - Water Resistant with Key Ring

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Asin: B003CK2EFO
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About this item Textile Made in the USA Textile lining Zipper closure Compact with Tons of Space - Measuring at 4.5" x 3", the Surfshort Wallet is sized to carry everything you need while fitting perfectly in your pocket or bag Quick Access ID Window - Thanks to the clear exterior ID window, fumbling for and losing your ID is a thing of the past Dual Zippered Compartments - It's easy to organize all your necessities with two zippered compartments that keep cards, cash and more safe and secure Made From Durable, Water-Resistant Nylon - Each wallet is crafted from water-repellent and heavy-duty rip-stop nylon, made to withstand wherever you wander Lifetime Warranty - Since 1983, Chums has been trusted by millions to protect their gear. All Chums products are high-quality, designed with you in mind, and come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects Sport type: Camping & Hiking Show more
Rating:2.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on September 15, 2017

Review:After receiving this product, I have since found the superior original version of the Chums Card Wallet with key ring and ID window (ASIN B002S6V9PO). This Surfshort replacement doesn't even come close to the quality and utility of the original. I received a few of these replacement Chums Surfshort Wallets, and none of them has a hardy (plastic?) round logo with the bird or any red color, as pictured on product pages of multiple vendors. I happen to like the original wallet with the red-footed booby bird. The originals are better than the replacement ones for many reasons. The original Chums Card Wallets: 1) are slightly larger and more expandable: They hold my license and other cards, cash, lip balm, etc. 2) are sturdier: The material is thick and similar to what is used for backpacks. The edges are all bound. 3) are more secure: The zippers stay shut and don't open on their own. The zippers also have strong cords with easy-pull tabs. 4) are cuter: They have the red-footed booby birds with red feet embroidered into the tough fabric. These replacement Surfshort Wallets: 1) are slightly smaller and have a smaller window: My entire driver's license didn't show through the window, and the wallet didn't hold as much of my stuff. 2) are flimsy: The material is thinner, and there is no binding along the edges. I'm guessing my driver's license would cut through the fabric after a while. 3) are not secure. The flimsy zippers open on their own. I lost some change and maybe bills because of this. Although there is an additional open pocket with reflective material, there is nothing I would put in there due to the risk of losing it. 4) are more about product advertising and less about cuteness: Some models have a thin patch with a mono-colored booby bird (no red feet) and the CHUMS logo sticking out of his stomach. The patch on mine started to come off and ravel within the first week of use. I sewed back on what was left of it. The newest models have only the CHUMS logo and no bird. I included a photo of my "new" Chums Surfshort Wallet next to my new original Chums Card Wallet. You can see that the zipper on the replacement is opening on its own, and the top right corner of the thin logo patch has wasted away. I now use this cheap replacement wallet to attach my work ID holder and desk key. Read more

Red Beet
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on June 10, 2019

Review:I bought this wallet to downsize my current wallet for a trip overseas. I have now made it my everyday wallet because I like it so much. I have used bi-fold wallets forever, and I don't think I'll go back now. I love how everything I need can fit in it (cash, 3 credit cards, ID, insurance card, 5 membership cards, and pennies for the horse Sandy at Meijer). I also used the little "key ring" to attach the wallet to my jean loops while I was overseas, so no one could pick pocket it. I like having the zippers so nothing will fall out as well. Something that I didn't know, that I found handy, is in the ID zipper part, there is actually a second area behind the ID area, so you can put more stuff there, while keeping your ID at the front. I've really enjoyed the low profile of this wallet, especially with how shallow pockets are in woman pants. Oh and I also like the side pocket by the "Key ring" so I can slide train tickets or receipts in there for easy access. I've been using it for over a month on a daily basis and haven't had any issues with durability. Read more

Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on December 17, 2014

Review:I mainly use this as a wallet when I travel, but is good for everyday use as well. I like that everything I carry is secure in the zippered parts. ID, Credit Cards, other cards, cash, change, room key (whether it's a room card or an actual key). Here's the trick...One way that I use this differently is I replace the keyring from the nylon attachment with about 3/4 foot of paracord (not 550 - I use the the slightly smaller size to cut down on bulk) and tie it off so it is secure. Then, when I'm ready to head out for the day, I take the paracord and loop-attach it around my front belt loop. I don't tie it to the belt loop, I stick the loop through then pull the wallet through the loop. That way it's easy to take off if needed and you aren't untying any knots. But why the heck would I do all that? When I travel I worry about pickpockets. So not only do I have my wallet in my front pocket which can be safer, I also have it attached to me so it can't easily be slipped out and removed. When using, I can get to money, ID, cards, whatever I need and it never leaves me. Hopefully I explained that well enough, but if not I can post a picture of how I do it. This wallet is also great for an amusement park. #1 the material it's made out of is great for water rides. #2 if you use the trick above, you won't need to worry about it flying out of your pocket on a roller coaster. Read more

Eddie Wilson

Date:Reviewed in the United Kingdom on May 21, 2019

Review:I'd hesitate to call this a 'minimalist' wallet, since that has very definite implications of style these days, many of which are decidedly un-minimalist.... In particular, the large lumps of titanium and carbon fibre, forming a bulky cage for the three or four cards it can carry, with no consideration for anything else you might need. And yet, this Surfshort still has a smaller profile and footprint than most 'minimalist' wallets. Rather, I find the term streamlined better suited, as it holds a lot of stuff in a very small package. I bought this to replace a now-obsolete wallet of very similar design, as this was actually the only one with a divider in the card section and a separate pocket for loose coins. In this I can comfortably get about £300 in Twenties, 12 cards, a US Army Challenge Coin, a handful of receipts, a set of lockpicks, 20-30 pound coins and a few other little bits, while still having room for more stuff and not causing a massive bulge in a pocket. That's without even touching the outer slip pocket with the key ring on it. Incidentally, this works well as a key holder and/or an anchor point for a security chain. It's not really waterproof, but then most other wallets aren't, either. Splashproof, perhaps. But a very decent small wallet for a very decent price. Read more


Date:Reviewed in the United Kingdom on March 1, 2021

Review:What a fantastic wallet. Small, compact but holds loads, it's like a tardis! I have 5 cards, cash, plasters, gum, contact coins (skill toy) and a tooth pic and tweezers and there is still plenty of room. Easy to get cards in and out. Probably won't last forever but at the price they are I have no problem buying more, which I will be doing as they come in some great colours. Great service from Outdoor Supply Company USA too. Highly recommended. Read more

Mr. Clark Gillies

Date:Reviewed in the United Kingdom on August 2, 2021

Review:Purchased as I needed a nice compact and small wallet, and reading reviews online, this one came highly recommended. Perfect open ended side for driving license, and two zippers compartments for credit cards on one side and cash/coins on other side. Good sturdy buckle to it that can attach key rings or to keys. Good value and meets my requirements Read more


Date:Reviewed in the United Kingdom on September 19, 2019

Review:Had this for a while. It's now my main wallet for Everyday Carry. It only weighs an ultralight 15 grams. I can fit about 6-7 cards in one side and a few notes and some coins in the other. The side with the cards has a clear plastic window so I put my nectar card in it so I can swipe it easily without taking the card out. So far the material has been holding up to everyday use but if the stitching ever gave up, i'd just but it again. Very happy with it. Read more


Date:Reviewed in the United Kingdom on April 14, 2019

Review:I really like the fact that I can fit my key, ID, cash, a few cards, a few sheets of paper, my Fischer Space Pen and a small Swiss Army Knife in this small wallet. It is quite incredible that all of this can fit in this small wallet. I chose the orange for practical reasons (easier to spot it) buy this colour does make it look like it's made for the younger person. It has not shown any signs of wear and my only worry is the lack of protection for my cards. Might be time to get one of the metal ones available. Read more

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