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Pivotal Living Band - Activity + Sleep Tracker

Price:PKR. 3,823.00 /

Asin: B015121DP2
Product weight: 0.798 Ounces
Product dimentsions: 7 x 0.5 x 0.4
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Keep a regular check of all your activities with this amazing Fitness Living Tracker Band. Wear it the whole day to keep a constant check on all your activities. Pivotal Living Fitness Tracker efficiently keeps calculating and recording your activities like the number of steps daily, calories burnt, distance traveled, sleep time and quality, body hydration level, calories intake, and many other such records. Pivotal Living Fitness Tracker is manufactured with a 3 -axis accelerometer sensor to detect and store all such data. Pivotal Living Fitness Tracker brings up the motivation towards a fit and healthy lifestyle. You can set your goals for the day already and complete your daily achievements to stay fit. Pivotal Living Fitness Tracker has a battery timing of 5-7 hours and can be recharged. This fitness tracker is durable and premium in quality and made in fine and advanced design.

  Contemporary design: Pivotal Living Fitness Tracker is manufactured in an ultra-modern and contemporary design that is equally suitable for both men and women.

Bluetooth connectivity: This tracker connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.3+ devices. Tough and resistant: Made with the highly durable material, this Pivotal Living Fitness Tracker has an OLED display screen that is scratch resistant. The efficient functioning of this tracker is also resistant to water, sweat, and dirt.

Multi-functional: Keep a record of all your daily activities with this smart device. Wear it all the time to keep a check of calories, steps, sleep patterns, body condition, and many other features that are available to keep you informed and set daily goals to achieve.

Sleep patterns: Wear Pivotal Living Fitness Tracker to check your sleep pattern with the duration of sleep and quality of rest. Wake up fresh with the vibrating silent alarm on the tracker. You can order this imported and branded quality Pivotal Living Fitness Tracker in Pakistan.

Purchase this all-purpose fitness tracker and enjoy your fitness activities.