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Ruko F11 Pro Drones with Camera for Adults 4K UHD Camera Live Video 30 Mins Flight Time with GPS Return Home Brushless Motor-Black(with Carrying Case)

Price:PKR. 126,492.00 /

Asin: B07VCD1SRL
Product weight: 1.14 Pounds
Product dimentsions: 6.9 x 4.1 x 3.15 inches
Cost Break Down
About this item This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. P.when("ReplacementPartsBulletLoader").execute(function(module){ module.initializeDPX(); }) ????? ?????? ?????????????Experience splendid 4k Ultra HD picture quality and 2.9k video for stunning clarity,high contrast, vivid colors. Bring amazing view sight. The camera with a ??????°FOV lens and ????°adjustable camera gives a broad view of your memorable moment. ?3?? ???????? ???????????? ?????????Equipped with one upgraded 2500mAh intelligent battery provides up to 30 minutes flight time, gives you more fun! (5V/3A adapter). Do not use charger over 5V/3A and fast charging is prohibited. ????????? ???? ?????????? ?????? ?????? ???? ???????It comes with beginner settings to let you get used to then you can use other functions further, easy to fly for all levels. Intelligent flight features like Follow Me Mode, Tap Fly, Point of Interest, Hand Gesture Shots make you fly like an expert to explore the fun of the aerial film, just One-click, It will fly itself and film your creative video. ??????? ???????? ???????????? ???????? ?????????????? ?????? ?????? ?????????????The drone will auto-returning to the takeoff location when it's lost signal, or low power, don't have to worry about losing your drone, just enjoy the fun of flying. ??????????????????????? ???????????????? ??????????????? Ruko promises 30 days of return or exchange and 90 days free warranty. If you have any questions about our products, like the operation of the drone, please contact us.PRODUCT SUPPORT AVAILABLE!
Product Dimensions
6.9 x 4.1 x 3.15 inches
Item Weight
1.14 pounds
Item model number
F11 Pro
Manufacturer recommended age
14 years and up
1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Release date
July 1, 2019
Mfg Recommended age
14 - 100 years
Lego Guy
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on September 23, 2019

Review:The media could not be loaded. Throughout the many years, I have had many remote control helicopters and have never been satisfied with any of them. So it came up time again for another helicopter and I came across the Roku F11. I ordered it and after ordering it I was initially hesitant as I was not certain it was really going to be the helicopter that it is. I read so many different stories good and bad about so many different helicopters I figured the deal I got was a good deal and I decided to jump in headfirst and purchased it. My initial response was kind of dismay. I ordered the F11 pro. My initial response was well I just don’t get this. It folds up nice and small. It came with two batteries a little screwdriver and a couple sets of helicopter blades and the helicopter and the remote control. Initially I charge the batteries and was very happy the next day when I woke up and they both were green good to go. I had tried playing with the helicopter at home. But I was not ready to turn it on and take it out for a flight until I was certain I was in a place where I knew I would not ruin it on my first flight I had emailed the company back-and-forth a couple times about questions about the helicopter. The company was very forthcoming and responsive to my stupid questions. Of course the company never referred to my questions as being stupid. So here I am at a campground in north eastern Pennsylvania. They have a part of the campground where hot air balloons take off daily. So we thought that would be a great place to try out the helicopter. So our first day was a little bit of a learning curve. I have had other helicopters but none of them ever were successful and we’re not GPS or any quality whatsoever. I watch the video on how you should use your new drone for the first time. It listed the five things you should do before you’re confident enough to take your drone out. So we followed his steps and it was definitely worth practicing our landings hovering and basic Fleitmann ship skills. One of our first big things we were the happiest with was bringing up the helicopter to 75 feet and turning on the camera and spinning around in a circle. We had some great photographs that we took over the next couple days. We had one near miss as I accidentally turned off the GPS and the helicopter went flying into the woods. It’s survived and work just as well afterwards. We practice the next couple days taking off and landing taking photographs and adjusting the camera and moving around the camera mount and the angle. At this point we are very comfortable with the hovering going up and the items that really are needed in basic flight. At this point we had learned to bring a couple chairs with us and sit in the field with an obstructed view. On our second day my wife decided she could fly it as well. I was so happy that she got to try it and enjoyed flying it. It kind of made it even more fun for me watching her fly at as opposed to me concentrating on just flying. Another couple days went by and we learned more and more skills. We purchased one of the instant helicopter pads and it worked wonderful. My wife was able to take off at a pretty high speed and come down and land pretty close to the helicopter pad. After our first day of flight we brought on the batteries and plug them in to charge. But unfortunately we did not bring our charging cables with us. So we went home and got our tables and were able to charge the batteries for the next day. We really had a lot more fun on the next day and each day forward. So I truly think it is a great helicopter and has a lot of high-end benefits. I was originally surprised by the compressed Styrofoam carrying case. But I have learned to like that as well. It holds all of the items perfectly. They came with the two batteries and now we have two cables we will keep in the case along with a charger. On my complaint list it would have to be the directions were printed on a microscopic font. But I am older than your average teenager who can read better. So we took photographs of the directions and I was able to see them with my iPad Pro. It was also easier to see him when they are inverted in color. We’ve attached some of the photographs. The videos came out in great quality and the photographs came out and great quality. Taking photographs and sharing them was quite easy. The consul display was easy to follow and once we figure that out we were doing pretty good. We need to complete lesson number three to become more proficient at flying takeoff and landing. All in all we give it thumbs up. Very easy to learn. I can’t wait to explore some more of the Pennsylvania woods. It’ll take some time before I reach the comfort level where I feel comfortable flying around in my neighborhood. So thumbs up. Great value and great price great quality. Read more

Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on January 27, 2020

Review:I've owned five drones and I'm extremely impressed by this drone over all the others. The pictures I've attached are taking off at maybe 30m, view looking straight down from about 100m high during daylight, and skyline at night at about 120m (max height allowable by FAA). Do note it was pretty windy up at 120m the night I took that picture. These are just the ones that were sent to my phone; pictures saved to the SD card are of higher quality. Pros: Outstanding power - this drone can fight, and win, against light and moderate wind! The app even tells you when the wind conditions are getting dangerous for flight! Well done. Folding profile and carrying case is extremely well done - over and beyond convenient. Folding arms snap into place, so they aren't going to jostle out of alignment during flight. Case is soft yet protective; no trouble fitting it in a backpack and hiking along with it. ABS plastic + reinforced aluminum frame means this thing is durable and built to last. Using the 5GHz wireless signal and my phone I've gotten steady real time video transmission from over 300m away and 120m high, consistently, without losing connection. That's impressive at this price point! Return to home/GPS is ALWAYS spot on; you can count on this drone coming back exactly to you! Major plus. This really does fly for up to 30 minutes as advertised. This will of course depend on wind, speed setting, and how aggressively you're flying it though, so your flight time will be influenced by your conditions and flight pattern. Extremely responsive controls, and steady enough flight to get quality pictures and video. Three speed modes; I like to put it on the lowest speed setting once it gets close to the ground for landing, or when I'm steadying it to take a picture relatively close up. Putting it on max speed and racing it around is a blast too. This drone uses 5GHz band to connect with your phone wirelessly. This is good; better video quality and better signal transmission means you can communicate with it from further distances without being crowded by numerous 2.4GHz signals usually in any given area these days. You want this over 2.4GHz for a wireless connection to your phone. (Of course the pictures and video are saved to the SD card, but for maintaining a good real time image and connectivity you want the 5GHz channel.) I really can't recommend this enough; skip the toys and get this - it's worth every dollar of the price! Cons: I have to nit-pick here, and there's not much to dislike. These are very minor points I include to make this review fair and unbiased. It is loud; not at all hearing unsafe or offensive, but it is noticeable compared to a toy-grade drone. Any drone with this much power (read: not strictly a toy) is going to make some noise. It is not offensive though; you won't bother the neighbors. The camera has a slight fish-eye effect when you're trying to look straight ahead. You can see that in the first picture I posted and the nighttime picture. Do note the camera is in-flight adjustable, so you can go from straight ahead to straight down, and all points in between, on the fly. So big plus for that. I can't knock the camera too much because it doesn't have a stabilizing gimble. That's a necessary trade to fit the profile. Plus if you're watching the ground at an angle the fish-eye effect goes away. It can be just a bit slow to get a GPS lock. Don't be put off though; it's not difficult to obtain one, it just takes a couple extra seconds. It never loses the GPS signal once it's got it. (So you can hold it up high to get a signal quicker, then set it down for takeoff.) You do have to register it with the FAA (it just barely meets their weight requirement for registration). Don't be put off: this process takes less than 5 minutes on their website, and there's zero waiting on paperwork. Just fill out the form and you're ready to fly immediately (register as a modeler/recreational flyer and you're good to go with no hassle). Tips: Disconnect your phone from any wireless networks it is auto-joining. This will ensure you maintain a video feed to your phone as you fly greater distances away. Android users: when you connect to this wireless signal, you have to tell Android OS to keep connected even though there is no internet connectivity. This is a quirk of the Android OS, not the drone. Be sure to do this the first time you connect to the drone and you'll be fine. To get a GPS signal quickly, calibrate the compass and the gyroscope as per the included instructions then hold the drone up off the ground while it searches for a GPS signal. You'll get the necessary 3 bars of signal much faster than sitting flat on the ground. (Also note - to unlock the motor to take off you must have 3 bars of GPS signal! If your drone motor is not unlocking for take off, this is why. Do not fly without GPS mode! You'll be thankful when your drone is auto-returning to the takeoff location from who knows where you've flown it - trust me!) Then just set it back down, unlock the motor, and take off. On the geo-fencing feature, set the auto-return minimum height high enough to clear any trees in your immediate area. That way, when auto-returning, it will climb safely over the height of any trees between the initial location and the drone's current position. This will avoid crashing into anything on its automated return path. Overall verdict: this has all of the features of more expensive, professional grade, drones at (if you catch it on sale as I did) an entry level/toy price point. Buy this. Grab an extra battery - you'll need it to feed your addiction! I can't imagine how fun this will be using VR glasses in first person view. Read more

The JBravoo Opinion
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on January 21, 2020

Review:The media could not be loaded. Please see my video on F11 Pro. This drone has all the bells and whistles without the DJI price tag. It has all the main features I want in a drone. Ruko is also on top of there game with customer service. It weighs over the 250 gram limit (519 grams) meaning in the US you have register it with the FAA which is $5... no biggie. The remote has a press trick to turn off. This is so you don't accidentally just turn off remote in flight. The recording app will record on the micro sd card plus on your phone. The recording on the micro sd is 2K while the recording on the cell phone will be 720p. App also has a starter mode that you can later change. Controller feels nice in the hands. It barely holds my Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus with case. Very powerful to withstand high winds with the brush less massive motors yet very quiet. Pros 1. Comes with 2 Batteries. Battery life is over 25 minutes (depends on wind speeds and your speed settings) 2. Remote is rechargeable 3. GPS, return home, low battery warning, launch/land feature 4. Camera Quality is crazy good on micro sd card 5. WiFi distance and controller distance is insane! 6. Build quality is very high 7. Camera moves to face straight down from remote 8. Comes with nice carry case Cons 1. Batteries take around 4 hours to fully charge 2. Hard to tell front from back while in the air so I added orange eagle sticker which you can see on the video and pic Read more