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Scotch Precision Ultra Edge Scissors, 8 Inch, 3-Pack (1458-3AMZ-ESF)

Price:PKR. 15,120.00 /

Asin: B005P58CYG
Product weight: 0 Ounces
Product dimentsions: 0 x 2.44 x 1.34 inches
Cost Break Down
Pattern: Scissors Scotch Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape is great for surfaces that require a little extra care such as wood floors, wallpaper, cabinets, painted drywall, and freshly painted walls* (*painted at least 24 hours ago). This delicate surface tape with gentle adhesive can stay on surfaces for up to 60 days and then removes easily without leaving any sticky residue behind. This tape features Edge-Lock Technology that seals out paint to deliver sharp paint lines and clean removal for your more sensitive projects, including accent walls, decorative stripes and patterns. Whether you're protecting your hardwood floors from paint splatter or going all out with a decorative mural, rely on Scotch Delicate Surface Painter's Tape for a professional look that's easy on your surfaces.
Item Weight
‎8.8 ounces
Product Dimensions
‎3.78 x 2.44 x 1.34 inches
Item model number
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer
Material Type
‎Brass and stainless steel
Number of Items
Manufacturer Part Number
Date First Available
September 20, 2011
Emily M.
Rating:1.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on March 2, 2018

Review:These scissors cut through paper just fine, but they really struggle with everything else -- I can't use them as my 'go-to' scissors like I had planned. It takes a few snips to get through thread, it takes effort to trim band aids into custom shapes because the blades fold the fabric rather than cut it, and it's a struggle to get through packing tape. Even my cheap folding scissors with inch-long blades have more versatility than this set, so I will be shopping for something else. Read more

Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on April 4, 2017

Review:Just have reasonable expectations, and chances are you will be delighted with these. They are probably not too useful on cloth; but on paper, light-to-medium cardboard, light plastics, packaging tape, wrapping paper, etc., they work fantastic. It's nice to have a color-coded set, because you can distribute them around the house and thereby have a better chance of keeping track of where they are located (or should be located). They are smooth in operation, and cut paper items well. One person asked about washing them in the dishwasher: I would never do that. If you find you need to clean them, use Windex and a cloth. A dab of oil on the joint might be helpful over time. Also--and this is a "trick" that sometimes people are not aware of--is that, if your scissors over time seem to get dull, before you blame the scissors, look carefully at the blades. If you have been repeatedly using these to cut packing tape, the glue from the tape can slowly migrate to the blades, and they don't cut as well. That means it's time to clean them. Hot water will help, along with cloth, even an old electric toothbrush head connected to your electric toothbrush, may bring them back to life and restore much of their sharpness. (You'll notice the "glue effect" buildup mostly when you aere cutting gift paper, and try to do a clean "run" of cutting: if they don't do that well, chances are you have buildup on the blades. So, are these the best scissors in the world? Of course not. If you want those, particularly for hair cutting, go directly to the Solingen brand ( Ergo Silver Star Hair Scissor Shears, 5.625 Inches, Hollow Ground, Ice-Tempered Stainless Steel, Made in Solingen, Germany ) and you'll see what REAL scissors can be like. But for general, around the house use, from everything from paper, to opening boxes, to wrapping gifts, to sealing boxes with shipping tape, you can't beat these. The price is right, you get three of them, they are color coded, comfortable, and of decent quality. Have reasonable expectations and purchase the type of scissors you need, and you'll likely be completely satisfied. Read more

Swimmer Girl
Rating:1.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on September 2, 2019

Review:I have tried many different scissors hoping to find some that stay sharp for everyday use. I purchased this 3-pack last September after reading the reviews. With more than 2,000 reviews of this product, it was difficult if not impossible to read reviews from buyers who are unhappy. Although most folks are giving these scissors 4 or 5 stars, I would give them 0 if I could. They do not cut paper, ribbon, bags, tape, fabric. The one thing they do cut is Lantana ground cover. I now use them for gardening and I am still on the search to find good everyday scissors that remain sharp—what a concept!! Read more

Tim Witort
Rating:2.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on December 20, 2017

Review:Had high hopes for getting three good pairs of scissors at a decent price, but two years later, all but one pair are in the landfill. Out of the box, the scissors work nicely for light duty stuff - cutting single sheets of paper, etc. Within a year of use, all of the scissors had gotten a little loose, so any cutting required putting inward pressure on the handles while cutting. The scissors are connected with cheap rivets, not screws, so there is no way to tighten the scissors when they inevitably get loose. Then the plastic colored plugs over the rivets fell out. Ultimately, they just stop cutting well at all. If you need some disposable scissors for a limited time or a special event, these will do, but don't expect them to last more than a year or two. Read more

Ali Julia
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on November 6, 2011

Review:I have been a quilter and seamstress for several dozen years and I have used a large number of scissors including some very expensive ones. I am very impressed with Scotch scissors. The scissors are very sharp and make a pleasant crunch as the cut. They are comfortable to hold. I like that the handles of the three scissors in this set have different colors, so I can color code their use. I will use one for fabrics (I do a lot of fiber arts and this is my primary use for the scissors), one for paper projects (paper dulls scissors faster than fabric), and one for cutting shipping tape (the glue from the tape sticks to the blades so eventually they stop cutting well). The scissor blades are made out of titanium and look black (rather than silver like stainless steel scissors). I am attaching four images that I will be referencing in this review. Photo#1: The scissors came carefully packaged and separated from each other in shipping. Photo#2: The handle of the scissors is made of out soft plastic and is comfortable to use. The scissors are made for a right-handed person. Photo#3: The openings in the handle of the scissors is over sized. In the third photo I show Scotch scissors next to similar-sized Fons and Porter scissors and Fiscars scissors. You can see that the opening of the Scotch scissors is bigger. The material of the handles is softer than the other two. So I found them very comfortable to use for a long time. Photo#4: Shows Scotch scissors on the postal scale, they weigh in at 2.9 oz. They are heavy enough to do heavy duty cutting, yet not too heavy for me to get tired while using them. Overall, the scissors over-exceeded my expectations given that I payed significantly more for other scissors which don't perform any better than the scissors in this set. I recommend them! Ali Julia review Read more


Date:Reviewed in Canada on August 30, 2021

Review:I love the Scotch titanium scissors, and I usually use the non-stick ones. But I wanted some extra pairs for when I didn't need the non stick coating. These are great and I like the colours. Not too much else to say, but I'll buy another set when I need some. Hopefully, you find this review helpful. Read more

November Romeo

Date:Reviewed in Canada on June 14, 2018

Review:Scotch Precision Ultra Edge Scissors, 8 Inch, 3-Pack (1458-3AMZ) If this item is priced at $15 or less, buy it. The scissors are of high quality and suitable for regular office use. The blades arrived sharp, the plastic coating free of any issues and the tips cut most items cleanly without any issues. Most high quality scissors cost $10 a piece. With this listing I managed to get 3 retail units for just $5 a piece! Read more

Barbara Crothers

Date:Reviewed in Canada on June 4, 2020

Review:My fabric scissors kept disappearing because my sister and aunt kept using them for projects. These are fantastic and are nice to hold. Sharp and best part no more missing fabric scissors! We each have a pair and hopefully my fabric scissors aren’t too dull to be resharpened 😅 Read more

Rozina V.

Date:Reviewed in Canada on July 26, 2021

Review:In a 6 months time they start to getting appart,there isnt way to contact for exchange or return the product.The one from dollar store last for years and are cheaper Read more


Date:Reviewed in Mexico on November 16, 2020

Review:Me gustaron, tienen muy buen filo por lo que se pueden emplear para cortar cualquier material desde papel, tela, plástico. Buen precio. Muy útiles! Read more

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