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Liqui Moly (20002) Cera Tec Friction Modifier - 300 ml

Price:PKR. 16,560.00 /

Asin: B001CZODH8
Product weight: 0 Ounces
Product dimentsions: 0 x 1 x 3 inches
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CERA TEC is a high-tech ceramic wear protection product for all motor oils. CERA TEC reduces friction and wear due to ceramic compounds that withstand extremely high chemical and thermal loads. Prevents direct metal-to-metal contact, thus increasing the engine service life. The low-friction effect reduces fuel consumption in gasoline and diesel engines. CERA TEC provides wear protection for engines, transmissions, pumps and compressors. CERA TEC should be added to the oil and is self-mixing. Sufficient for 5 liters of motor oil. Provides protection up to 50,000 km. Not suitable for use with wet clutches.

‎Liqui Moly
‎Liqui Moly
Item Weight
‎10.6 ounces
Product Dimensions
‎2.5 x 1 x 3 inches
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Date First Available
November 16, 2012
Robert Higginson
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on January 31, 2019

Review:I've waited awhile to write this review, to see how time effected my opinion. A little background, my daughter really wanted a 328i, so I went out and found a clean, single owner vehicle with a little over 100k on it. Its the family's first BMW, but as a mechanic I've seen and worked on them all. The BMW N52 engine seems overly complicated for what it does. Power output and economy are just average even though its got just about every bell and whistle including variable valve timing. One thing that struck me was how noisy it was. Kinda like a quiet sewing machine. I changed the oil to Mobil 1 0w/40 Euro blend and she drove it for 7k miles. During this time I read up on all the LL/01 oils for this car, so next oil change I used Castrol Edge, which is LL/01 certified. No difference. Car runs well, still sounds like a sewing machine. 7k more miles go by, and I learn about this CeraTec additive, and decide to give it a try based on all the good reviews. Yup, looks like a Orange Julius!! Well, I dump it it, and take it around the block. Engine seems a little quieter and smoother, but figure its my brain screwing with me. I slam the hood, and give my daughter the keys back, and off she goes. And here's where it gets interesting.... My 19 year old daughter doesnt know squat about cars. She a 100% gas it up and go girl. So about 2 weeks after the CeraTec goes in we are sitting at the dinner table and she says... " Oh Daddy, I forgot to thank you for tuning up my car". I ask her what makes her think I did? She replies that since the last service its much smoother idling at red lights and its quieter. (Remember, she's driven it for 7500 miles at this point) I asked her how could she tell, as the radio is always at least half volume. She says when its running and she's got the window down ordering at a drive -thru it used to go "tickity-tickity" ( her words)as it echo'ed off the building.. and now its silent. I go out and fire it up and roll down the window and stick my head out.... yup. Silent and verrry smooth. She also has average MPG constantly on display , and its improved about .65 mpg. So, if you add all that up, it seems to work. Liqui-Moly says its lasts 30k miles. I service the car every 7k, so we'll see if this all stays the same after a service, which is coming up soon. The car uses zero oil between services, so I cant comment on that. But from a smoothness, quietness point of view, if my daughter noticed it without me prompting her, I would say thats what made me a believer more than anything. Thanks Liqui-Moly. Read more

Alan s barron
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on October 15, 2018

Review:Added this to my 2018 Mustang GT 5.0, to see if it would help on eliminating the "typewriter" or BBQ "ignitor tick" these engines are known for... Added 1 bottle, 300ml, to the 10qts of Mobile 1 5w-30qts in the oil pan. Results are amazing... Tick is gone now and engine is very quiet at idle. Could not be more pleased! Read more

Tom Paine
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on June 1, 2018

Review:Driving a 26 year old HMMWV with a 6.2L motor that has a rebuild tag from Ft. Lewis, WA on it dated 2009. I know from official records the truck had about 37,000 miles on it when turned in from a unit in North Carolina. Speedometer had around that - odometer had broken so I replaced it. Changed the oil last year, changed out instruments as they were old, unreliable, lenses fogged/hazy and wouldn’t buff out. So I don’t drive it much, only put on about 30 hours run time this past year, maybe 350 miles on the odometer. A 6.2L engine is underpowered, and they’ve been used for decades in many GM vehicles, many M-model military vehicles (CUCVs and HMMWVs) and they have their problems. I wanted to buy some “insurance” so I started reading about additives. I use a gas additive, but what benefit is there from oil additives? According to the manufacters, especially Liqui Moly, and the testimonies of the many who have used it, I put 1-1/2 bottles of this stuff in the engine with the last oil change (around 8 quarts - I have a dual oil filter system on mine). I’ve since driven it maybe 50 miles, and there’s something going on here. 1. The engine’s quieter. Or maybe I’m losing more of my hearing, but I swear it’s quieter. 2. The engine’s running cooler. About 5 degrees F. Cooling fan doesn’t kick in as often on days with similar temperatures and goes off faster. 3. This one is really interesting. I’d been thinking of replacing my oil pressure sender. Most days oil pressure would run around 60 psi at speed, drop to half that at idle. The book (dash-10, Operator’s manual) answers are: Normal Speeds 40-50psi, idle 15 psi. What I’m getting NOW is about 50 psi at speed, 20+ at idle. How I’m interpreting this is, from my medical understanding of physiology, fluid dynamics (Poiseilles law, et al) is, the oil is moving better with less peripheral resistance. Like human blood pressure. Elevated systolic pressure is a sign of restricted flow downstream, diastolic (the lower, bottom number) a sign of vascular “tone” or the remaining pressure in the vessel when the pump (your heart) ISN’T applying output/pressure. Maybe. I don’t know. But this is my theory and I’m sticking with it. 4. I’m not seeing the puff of white smoke I was when I’d start the truck after it sat for a few days. THAT surprised me. Maybe it’ll come back when the weather’s cooler or something, but it’s been six weeks - some pretty cool - since I put this stuff in and I’ve only seen the white smoke (unburned fuel) a handful of times on cooler days. Maybe nothing to do with the Ceratec, maybe the fuel additive helped a leaky injector close, I don’t know for sure, but I keep looking for that classic HMMWV/diesel puff when I start it up in the morning. My sister and brother-in-law have a similar HMMWV, a civilian H1 diesel a year younger than mine and they’ve got over 200 thousand miles on the same engine. Really. I should probably ask him what if anything he uses in HIS engine. I’ve got another bottle (and a half) I’ll be using with the next oil change, and I’m likely to buy more. Yeah, all anecdotal as anything, your mileage may vary, maybe it’s all in my head but I doubt it. I’ll post an update at next oil change. Read more

Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on December 9, 2017

Review:My 2006 Porsche Cayenne Turbo has slight cylinder bore scuffing/scoring, from enduring a harsh, cold Illinois winter. Also, the valve lifters was making a rattling, clackity-type noise. After 200 miles of running the Orange Julius-colored Ceratec friction modifier... the engine now sounds like brand new. It whirs like a well-oiled Turbine, with that smooth Marine V8 drone at freeway speeds now. I recently took an Endoscope to peek at the cylinder bores and the surface appears to have a glass-like coating and sheen. Mileage went up by 1.2mpg and oil consumption decreased too. Not to worry, the particulate matter will not clog-up oil filters and once the nano hexagonal Boron Nitride fuses to the cylinder walls - you can't even get it off, without some serious abrasive honing work. Like ShamWow Vince says, "The Germans always make good stuff." This is clearly NO exception! (I received no financial spliff, for this review) Read more


Date:Reviewed in Spain on May 20, 2018

Review:Apenas he recorrido unos 50Km con este aditivo y la verdad es que he notado que el motor funciona más “ligero” y acelera mejor, aunque no sé si es por el aceite nuevo (Repsol 10W40), el ceraTec, el flush engine de LiquiMoli o los filtros nuevos. Como es lógico iré actualizando esta opinión con el paso del tiempo. Recomendación: Para aprovechar bien el producto, echad un poco de aceite nuevo al bote vacío y removedlo bien hasta dejar el bote bien limpio. Por último, he utilizado este aditivo en un Peugeot 406 2.0HDI 90Cv EDIT (500Km): Estoy bastante contento porque ha mejorado el ralentí en caliente pero la mejora en frío en incluso mayor. El motor vibra menos y suena más suave. También he notado que le cuesta menos arrancar en frío. EDIT (aprox. 1000Km): La verdad, no he notado ningún cambio significativo en comparación con los 500Km por lo que concluyo este comentario Read more


Date:Reviewed in Spain on December 18, 2020

Review:Hoy mismo en mi taller le he hecho el cambio de aceite Global Racing Oil (GRO) y filtros de aceite y aire ,antes de ello le he echado el bote de Ceratec,mí Hyundai Coupé VVTE ya tenía más de 200000 km y le tocaba un cambió pues después de ésto a los primeros 20 km parece otro coche mucho más nuevo (y eso que le cuido al detalle),el sonido ,la suavidad y la finura del motor es bastante sustancial,la reacción a aumentado, todavía es pronto para saber si reduce consumó pero el ordenador en principio a aumentado de repente el margen de kilometraje que puedo hacer con el mismo depósito (tenía echado un tratamiento gasolina Petronas),no sé si será efecto placebo o no pero incluso mis mecánicos lo conocían porque lo usan para sus propios vehículos y lo recomendaban junto con el limpiador (qué no lo pude usar) eso sí CUIDADO con el freno de auto, parece que ahora va más bravo de motor y con el cambió ya no sé refrena tanto cómo antes por lo que hay que acostumbrarse. TRUCO PARA APROVECHAR BIEN EL PRODUCTO: Una vez halláis sacado todo el aceite viejo remover intensamente el Ceratec,echarle sin echar el aceite nuevo y con el bote vacío meterle algo de aceite nuevo y echar el resto,una vez echado totalmente el producto rellenar los niveles de aceite así lo tendréis a la medida perfecta y aprovecharemos perfectamente todo el aditivo. En 3 días tengo que ir a la ITV y creo que de humos voy a pasar con matrícula. 21/12/2020 Hoy mismo le he pasado la ITV del año pasado a este me a bajado los humos y he pasado el examen con notada,0 fallos,lo cachondo es que hasta el inspector de la ITV al ver la pegatina de Liquid Mily con el kilometraje en el motor me a preguntado qué tal va el Ceratec,que lo pensaba utilizar para su coche y viendo la mejoría en el mío se iba a pillar uno para su Mazda mx5 ¡Mano de santo le dije!!🚗🌬️ Si queréis que os siga manteniendo al día sobre si avanza la mejoría o no VOTAR UTIL y seguiré informando.😉👍 Read more

J. M. Medina

Date:Reviewed in Spain on October 31, 2018

Review:Buenas, creo que soy la persona mas esceptica en cuanto a productos milagro y aditivos varios.......... tengo conocimientos de mecanica suficientes como para que durante mucho tiempo haya pensado que es imposible que algo liquido pueda reparar nada en cuanto a mecanica se referia, pues bien......... cual ha sido mi sorpresa cuando me he decidido a echarselo a un passat con motor avf de 130cv y rozando los 400.000 kms, han dejado de sonar los taques, el motor tiene un ralentí mas estable, ha dejado de echar pompas de humo al apurar marchas vamos que no pueden ser mejor invertidos los 17 euros del producto........ lo recomiendo de todas todas, acabo de pedir 4 uds mas pq lo voy a poner a todos los coches de casa. Ademas he pedido el limpiador de inyectores del cual me han hablado muy bien , ya os contaré. Un saludo Jose. EDITO: He usado un segundo bote en una caddy 105cv tdi con casi 300.000kms y se ha quedado irreconocible. Al igual que el passat ha rejuvenecido 100.000 kms en suavidad, rendimiento y ralentí estable. Sigo recomendandolo. Read more

Al D

Date:Reviewed in the United Kingdom on May 2, 2018

Review:Never really been a fan of these 'snake oil' oil additives, but after doing quite a considerable amounts of research on this product, I decided to give it a go. My own personal 2012 2.0TDI Bluemotion Passat 140 ~ 86,000 miles: Contrary to the advised 'put it in at oil change interval with fresh oil' I decided to put it in half-way-ish through my oil change interval into some used, but good quality oil, I removed 300ml of oil and added this stuff in. My theory was that if I noticed any detrimental effects of the additive, I could do the oil change now and only lose out on the £17. I added it in and after a few days I hadn't really noticed any difference, in fact for the best part of a week ,there didn't 'seem' to be any change. I do sufficient 'gentle' warm up/cool down driving at either end of my morning and evening motorway commute 5 days a week. The following Monday though, around 400 - 500 milesafter the addition of CeraTec, I noticed that the first cold start up and cold idle were noticeably quieter/smoother, this engine is quite smooth and quiet anyway (for a diesel) but this was noticeable, and at sub-zero temperatures. On the gentle drive to the motorway (usual stop-start, traffic-lights driving) it was still noticeably smoother and quieter than before, feeling more eager to 'go' and less restricted, but the shocker here (for me) was the journey up the slip road onto the motorway, by the time I get to this point on my journey my oil is sufficiently warm for me to deem 'standing on it' acceptable, so stand on it I did. Well, all I can say is wow! There is a difference and it is not subtle, slight or noticeable, it is stark! The car took off up the slip road overtaking pretty much everything along the way and was happily revving up to around 4Krpm before I changed up, the engine was singing, it loved it, I did too. I have not been able to recommend this to enough people, usually receiving the same sceptical 'oh yeah' snake oil responses, but I've said to them, and I'll say the same to you, try it and give it a week! The first oil change after the addition of this stuff is coming up in around a week or two so I'll be interested to see if the effects remain after a week of just having fresh oil in, if not, I'd happily stump up another £17 to re-treat for the next 8000miles. Read more

Rahul Madhavan

Date:Reviewed in India on October 16, 2018

Review:Summary: Use it to make your engine more responsive and to make your car accelerate faster. I used along Ceratec with 1) Liqui Moly Flush 2) Shell Helix 5W-40 3) STP Carb Spray Cleaner 4) Liqui Moly Petrol Injector Cleaner and results on my 12 year old car were excellent ------------------------ Before my last trip out of town my second hand car was giving a lot of problems including rough handling and random stops. The service mechanic couldn't solve the issue. Below is my learnings from making the limping car run at 170+kmph over a 1800km trip in 2 weeks: Make a limping car walk: There are several issues that can make car stall and give problems. Once you rule out battery and dynamo issues what is left is engine and gear box. Mechanical parts don't break but become dirty over time. I isolated throttle and air control valve as the extremely dirty parts (thanks youtube!) on my car. For the ACV i removed and soaked in ariel overnight and for throttle body, i cleaned with STP 71500EN Carb Spray Cleaner (500 ml) as it was non-removable. Results here were tremendous and car stopped stalling. Next for the parts i couldn't reach, i used the Liqui Moly Engine Oil Flush (200 ml) and ran the car for about 20-30 minutes on at 3000rpm. This got my car into a usable state. Make a walking car run: Now that the car seemed in a usable state, I took it to the mechanic to get the oil changed. I used Shell Helix Ultra 550041109 5W-40 API SN Fully Synthetic Car Engine Oil (4 L) . The reason i got this - (a) synthetic oil gives longer lasting results (b) I chose upper viscosity 40 due to older car. More viscous oils can fill gaps, if any, between old shaky engine parts. Younger cars can choose 35 for better mileage and less cc cars can even choose 30. (c) the 5W doesn't matter in my case as it was cold temperature viscosity. In north india for winters you may go for a 10W-40. After this oil change, i felt i could do further cleaning on the injection side by adding Liqui Moly LMFIC Petrol Injector Cleaner (200 ml) . I added it to a full tank and used till tank empty. In hindsight, i feel this product was not as useful as the other products mentioned. Make a running car run faster: Here the only thing i used was Cera Tec. I thought of adding octane boosters but since they give only one tankful of effect, i decided against. ------------------------- What does it do: It has extremely small ceramic particles which abrade the pistons and other moving parts ever so slightly so that they become smoother. This means that it becomes useful for removing that last thin film of grease that may have got stuck on the pistons over a long period of time. I'm not sure it would be useful for cars under 4 years of age. What are the effects: (a) The main effect of Ceratec i noticed was on throttle response. The amount i had to press the accelerator to get the car from 2000-3000rpm and then 3000-4000 rpm reduced. (b) Quieter Engine: On idle, i felt engine noise reduced. (c) Acceleration: On road, the time taken to hit 60kph, 100kph etc reduced. (d) Other effects: My mileage also increased but i would credit the flushing and engine oil for this rather than ceratec. How to add: During engine oil change, add half of the amount of engine oil you eventually want to add. Then add ceratec. Then add the remainder of the oil. ------------------------- Conclusion: 1) Good maintenance and car additives can make a big difference to how your car runs. A car that was barely driveable became really fast. 2) I would only recommend ceratec as a good to have and not a must have. If you are city driving and use car for daily use then a good flush followed up with an engine oil change and a normal engine oil additive would suffice. Further it is only useful for 4+year age cars in my opinion 3) Lastly, as some other reviewer pointed out, it takes time to kick in. About 100km is when i started seeing any effects. ------------------- Care instructions: Given the nature of these additives and cleaners mentioned many of them are dangerous. I would really recommend against smelling them or holding them with hands. Whats good for your car is definitely not good for you! Read more

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