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Vaseline Intensive Care hand and body lotion For Dehydrated Skin Soothing Hydration Dry Skin Lotion With 100% Pure Aloe Extract 20.3 oz 3 count

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Made with 100% aloe vera extract, Vaseline Intensive Care Soothing Hydration Body Lotion helps keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated. Clinically proven to keep skin healed for 3 weeks (after using daily for 4 weeks), this non-greasy, fast-absorbing skin lotion is your go-to dry skin moisturizer. Vaseline’s moisturizing lotion goes beyond basic moisturization. Our Intensive Care range works to heal dry skin from deep within. Soothing Hydration contains glycerin, which draws and binds moisture to skin, and healing micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly that lock in moisture, allowing the skin’s natural barrier to recover. The formula used in this body moisturizer for dry skin restores the essential moisture your skin needs, while also delivering a blend of nourishing ingredients. Vaseline Soothing Hydration lotion is infused with aloe vera, an ingredient that is known to help calm and soothe skin. With a soft, calming fragrance, this lotion is the ideal moisturizer for relieving everyday dryness, as well as soothing the dryness and irritation associated with sunburn. Smooth, hydrated skin can be yours with Vaseline Intensive Case Soothing Hydration lotion. Many of Vaseline’s dry skin lotions contain petrolatum to give your skin the extra care it needs. Explore our other Vaseline products and enjoy the healing power of Vaseline.
Rating:2.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on October 17, 2020

Review:The lotion itself does its job - it moisturizes. If you live in a dry climate like I do, however, you'll find yourself needing to apply a lot of lotion every few hours. Also, I've been using this brand and type lotion for over 5 years, and perhaps it's just me, but it's always had this GRIMY RESIDUE feeling left behind after applying it on skin. I use another more expensive brand lotion for my face and really dry skin, and this Vaseline brand is the only one that consistently gives off an unpleasant grimy-ness. Not a huge deal, but I'm not really fond of my skin feeling sticky and then rubbing that grossness all over clean sheets. Last, i can't stand how this bottle cap, despite Vaseline bragging its "smart pump" design, CANNOT BE UNSCREWED AND OPENED. You can easily see that the top is a screw design (just twist to left or right), but Vaseline decided to LOCK AND SEAL the screw top after closing, making it impossible to open without breaking it. I even threw it against the wall to try to get the top off, and all I succeeded in was breaking the entire top and splattering lotion bits. What is this ridiculousness other than to get people to buy more bottles (creating more waste)? Seriously, I at least buy the same freaking product and brand; the least Vaseline can do is let me refill its "smart pump" bottle, but no! They force you to pay more per ounce for repeat smart pump bottles rather than just buying bulk of the same lotion and refilling the pump bottles. Urgh, what a sneaky tactic just to likely make more profit. This tactic is also very environmentally negligent because many recycling centers won't take products with lids/tops still on, so the fact that you can't remove the cap of this bottle means you can't recycle it. Wasteful and shameful! I am going to switch to a brand that will at least let me open and reuse bottles. Read more

Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on January 2, 2018

Review:Im a nurse and I'm always washing my hands at work and they become so dry and red that it hurts so much to wash my hands again. Ive been using this lotion for only a week now and my hands no longer feel dry or red. Works way better than lubriderm, love love this. Read more

Rating:1.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on November 18, 2020

Review:They’ve changed the formula with ZERO mention of it on the bottle. I opened a new one and a few hours later realized my hands smelled weird, and I couldn’t place it. So I thought it was probably a new soap I had bought. NOPE. They changed the scent and it is nasty! I have the old bottle and the list of ingredients side by side - they are now completely different (and not just the scent here). If you liked the old stuff, you may or may not like it under this new “soothing hydration” name versus the old “aloe soothe” formula. Just...gross. Read more

Rating:3.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on November 21, 2020

Review:This is the worst watery lotion I’ve ever used. It doesn’t soak into the skin and moisturize at all. I put this on and went about my business and when I washed my hands a short time later, the lotion was just sitting on top and was rinsed down the sink. I’ve given my husband a couple massage sessions using this lotion because I want it doesn’t spread very far. I guess because it’s so watery. I’m a massage therapist and I know lotions...this is nasty! Spend an extra couple dollars for a lotion that makes you feel good. This just leaves you greasy. Read more

Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on July 8, 2021

Review:I was skeptical at first, but the smell is amazing. It keeps my skin moisturized and its feels so light. Its not super thick but it isn't watery either. To me the texture is just right. This works well by itself and also a good thing to mix in a body butter of your own making. The locking top makes it easy to keep your nieces and nephews from just needlessly pumping it out to play with or just to use on EVERYTHING!. I most definitely will buy this again and my sister loves it. I ordered the 3 pack and now i only have 2 because she wanted one lol. Read more

Billy Rosewood
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on January 3, 2022

Review:I think this is relatively the same formula as from 7-8 years ago. NON-GREASY MOISTURIZER: The “Soothing Hydration” lotion in the light green bottle has always delivered a great feel if you don’t like greasy hand lotions. Rub it into the skin on your hand, and you can start working with your hands immediately without any slippery greasy feeling. Apply after every hand wash for great immediate healing right after the drying effects of soap. And, at this price point, you can apply after every hand wash without breaking the bank! SCENT: Same with years ago, Vaseline tends to scent the green bottle lotion with a very light cucumber, honeydew scent that isn’t overwhelming. Just the right amount. Read more

Wicked Photo Girl
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on June 9, 2020

Review:Vasaline intwnsive hand cream is wonderful for those of us washing our hands constantly! Having dried, cracked skin...perfect product with VERY low smell (not to irritate migraine or smell sensitive people. Works well a d fast. I have used it from hand washing to walking on the beach too long (and my feet dry out). Tremendous value! Read more

Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on December 8, 2017

Review:Like everyone else I tend to have dry skin especially during the Winter months and this lotion tends to solve all those problems right away. Doesn't have any residue or feel heavy and love the way it feels on my skin. Have now been using this particular lotion for approximately ten years and absolutely love it. Highly recommend it if you suffer from dry skin all year long. Read more

Elizabeth Direnzo

Date:Reviewed in Canada on December 18, 2021

Review:I like this product and have used it for years Read more


Date:Reviewed in Canada on January 23, 2021

Review:i like the smell, the smell is not strong ,is light and smell good, the moisturizing is normal Read more

Emmanuel Garcia

Date:Reviewed in Mexico on February 25, 2020

Review:Lo vi por primera vez en Estados Unidos y me encantó que no es nada grasosa la crema. La utilizo para los pies y tiene un olor muy agradable. Ampliamente recomendada Read more

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