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Eye Massager

QUEVINA Eye Massager Wand 42℃ Heated Portable Low-Frequency Vibration Lontophoresis Tech Beauty Pen Anti-wrinkle Reduce Dark Circles Puffiness And Eye Fatigue Facial Skin Care Tool

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Eye Massager Device dedicated to creating youthful facial Beauty -Solve eye problems: Wrinkles/ Slack/ Eye bags/ Dark circles/ Nasolabial folds -Effectively relax eyes, promote blood circulation and help better absorb moisturizer or essence ?.Product Specification Eye Beauty Device -Output current: 0-200MA -Output voltage: 0-100V -Vibration frequency: 6000HZ -Battery capacity: 90mAh -Charging time: 30min -Material: Plating ABS material -Using Suggestion: 2times/day for 10-15min ?.Package 1 x Eye beauty device 1 x Instruction manual 1 x USB charging cable
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on March 10, 2021

Review:This tool took some time to figure out since it doesn't come with detailed instructions, but one you figure it out, it's easy to use. I've used it for a month so far and it hasn't gone out on me yet. It needs to be charged about every week to every other week, depending on how often you're using it - I use mine at least once a day, but normally twice a day, on my undereye, overeye, and nasolabial fold areas, and around my lips. I cannot comment on the "long-term" results that people speak of when they mention microcurrent devices because for one, I'm 23, and two, I've only used it for a month. At the present moment, I will say it perks up the areas I use it on, and it firms their appearance. It also is gentle and warm to use, it truly is a nice little way to treat yourself at the end of your beauty routine. I often use it right after I use a rose quartz or ice roller. Part of my problem in further discerning whether it's improved my appearance or not is that I started using it along with other skincare, so at some point I'll have to stop using it and see if I notice a difference. Currently, it is a pleasurable part of my skincare routine that I don't feel like parting with. As for how it works - you must hold it and then place it on skin to activate it. This will get the microcurrent moving. It will generate some heat, probably from the vibrations, and if you want it to be warmer, press the power button. I really don't see a use for the power button otherwise and haven't noticed any secret modes or anything. You will notice it needs to charge when you put it on your skin and the light turns on, but no vibration occurs. The light to my knowledge does nothing, but it can be nice if you're using this in the dark while you watch a movie or something. Read more

Rating:4.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on March 15, 2021

Review:Only dislike is when your doing above your eye (eyelid) if I accidentally touch a eyebrow hair, I get a slight shock it seems. Werid feeling. No pain though. Read more