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iVOLCONN Eye Massager with Heat and Vibration, Compression Bluetooth Music Temple Electric Eye Massager for Relax and Relieve Eye Strain Eye Bags Dry Eye Dark Circles Improve Sleep

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About this item ?ACCURATE ACUPOINTS MASSAGE FOR TEMPLE EYE?: Our eye mask for dry eyes with seamlessly design that can make you feel heating, vibration massage, kind of like shiatsu and kneading. It massages your temple and applies constant powerful heating on your eye lids and hits on all the acupuncture points surrounding the eye, after one course of the eye massage, temple massage excellent for puffy eyes,migraines, headaches and help you sleep. ?Note: it is a home use healthcare massage product.? ?5 MASSAGE MODES FOR RELIVING EYE FATIGUE?: Our electric eye mask totally has 5 massage modes all great we have done lots of research on pressure points around eyes to most make this amazing headache relief and eye relax. Also the music it plays during the massage is very relax as well, you can connect your phone music through Bluetooth, and the default setting has no built-in music you can choose it yourself and put your own music on. Note: Bluetooth name: massager. ?HEAT COMPRESSION FOR RELIEVING SORE EYES?:The eye massager with heat widened design fits the face better and adopted the 3rd generation eye protection fabric, skin-care friendly and easy to clean protein cortex fabric to utmostly comfort your facial skin. Using graphene heating material constant comfortable temperature around 107F/42° to promote eye circulation, it relieves tension in eyes. ?NOTE: If you no need the HEATING function, you can choose the BRIGHT MODE or BEAUTY MODE.? ?ADJUSTABLE WEAR BAND AND LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN?: Built-in rechargeable battery fully charged for long-lasting wireless usage, A 180° foldable mask self-adjusted for almost all face shapes. to adjust the wear band to find the most comfortable length. It only 0.77lbs lightweight comfortable to wear for using, and equipped with a storage bag for easy to carry anywhere.?Note: If you feel too tight or too loose, please adjust the headband to find the right size.? ?BEST GIFTS?: Daily to use eye massager to relieve eye fatigue, migraines, headaches and help you sleep, IN-009E eye massager with well package, it is a perfect gift for Women and Men, Valentines day gifts, Birthday, Mother's day, Father's day, Thanksgiving and Christmas, we also offer a 12-month worry free for quality issue and professional after service at any time.?Note: we do not recommend to use our eye massager if you have cataracts, eye diseases and did eye surgery on the eys, etc.?.
Shell O
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on January 19, 2021

Review:As a frequent migraine sufferer, I’m always looking for relief. I read the reviews on this product and decided it was worth a try. The first time I put it on, I was surprised by how loud the tiny air compressor was. However, as it worked through the cycles and the heat came on, the noise didn’t seem as annoying. I have a small head so I didn’t have a problem with my eyes being squished when the “pillows” inflated. It felt really good actually. I use this every time I have a headache. I can’t say it relieves the headache to the point of a migraine going away. It does work well as an adjunct when I’ve taken my migraine medication though. The only complaint I have is that it is impossible to tell when the unit needs recharging or is fully charged. The battery icon always shows as empty. Read more

Lady Cerberus
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on September 1, 2020

Review:These are absolutely amazing! They fit well on your face, aren’t too heavy or bulky, and the band is strong, so they don’t slide. The different modes are great. I do wish you could do more customization with the modes, but that seems to be pretty standard across the different brands I looked at so I don’t hold it against them. It charges quickly and the port is a standard micro-usb which I really like. It only took about an hour to fully charge off of my laptop for the first charge. Read more

Rating:3.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on March 1, 2021

Review:The heat only setting is nice. I don’t find it helpful for migraines though. End of the day eye fatigue, yes. Migraines? No. That’s all I use the device for. I have a small head and the device is too small for the massage and air functions. It feels like my head and eyes are being squished and kneaded roughly on every setting except the heat one. It is not relaxing at all to feel like my head is being smooshed in a vice while someone digs their thumbs into my eye sockets. Read more

Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on May 27, 2021

Review:Totally adjustable setting from temperature to sounds,vibration or preasure, u got it! Ive had my share of eye massagers and some of them do the opposite of relaxation, with the crazy oriental music or birds that never quit chirping, or intense hear or pressure to explode to jone at all then i got this mask and it all makes sense in the world. Adjusted to my needs in this everchanging world of mine to end my day with just the right touch i want ❤️ This company needs some more props, i also got the hand massager from them and wow! Same satisfying results im going to wait a bit more to share that experience but so far amazing i fall asleep in less than a minute with these googles and the hand massager on. Thank u Ivolconn u guys nailed it! Read more

Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on August 8, 2020

Review:It is comfortable to wear and the leather is soft and smooth. After the first Bluetooth connection is successful, the Bluetooth will be automatically connected the next time it is turned on. You can choose your favorite song, press the physical button, and easily switch the massage mode and song. The battery is durable, 15 minutes per day. can using it for a week, I like to massage my eyes before going to bed to relieve fatigue. I like this, thanks Read more

Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on April 27, 2021

Review:I've had chronic migraine headaches for decades, 4-5 days/week, and this eye massager has been a great help to mitigate the severity of my headaches. I sit with it 3x a day (my "treatments"). My headaches have been more manageable with this massager. Customer care was also very responsive when the unit stopped working after 3 months. I emailed Renpho, and there was an immediate reply. We worked it out for me to received a replacement. Thank you, Renpho! Read more

Rating:1.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on November 9, 2020

Review:I loved this massager when it worked, which was all of 3 times. It now will turn on and then turn off with in 5 seconds. Big waste of money. Read more

Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on December 5, 2021

Review:I have been looking forward to the long-awaited eye massager. For me, who has been working with a computer and mobile phone for a long time, I feel dry and tired eyes every day, and regular eye drops can’t relieve it. I tried this eye massager. It has the functions of massage, heating, and vibration. Every time you use it, you can soothe the eyes. I especially like the combination mode, which allows the eyes to get a full range of massage. It also has a Bluetooth function. When your eyes are tired, wearing a massager and listening to music is really a very good rest experience. I bought it with 20% OFF during the Black Friday period. It is really good value for money. It is recommended to buy! Read more