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Vendor Privacy Policy

WaaoMart with registered office in AB Heights, second floor, suit number 2, hereby informs you that the personal data of vendors will be processed in the following ways and in compliance with the principles that are standardized by the authorities. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to provide information on the processing of data on WaooMart’s website.

Identity and Data of Vendor

WaaoMart has complete right to verify the information that is provided by the vendor. We can use the data given to us about the vendor and the business associated with it. Once our recognized resources verify the information provided by the vendor, you will be able to display your products on our website. There can be data provided by the vendors can be shared by the Data Processing Recipients.

The data may be made accessible to employees and/or consultants of the Data Controller in their capacity as persons authorized to process data or data processors. The data may be disclosed to meet the obligations provided for by law or for a correct implementation of the existing contractual relationship to, for example, social security, welfare and insurance organizations, trade associations, tax and labor authorities, professional legal, commercial, and tax counseling offices, company auditors, banks and credit institutions. The data will not in any case be disclosed to indeterminate entities.

Payment Policy and Percentage

All the payments will be received directly by WaooMart. If your products get sold out on WaooMart, we will receive the payment directly by the customers initially. A monthly schedule will be made with each of the vendor. The payments for all the products sold in the previous month will be dispatched on the 1st of next month. WaooMart has the right to deduct 20% of the total amount of the product. This is the payment policy that will be followed every time a product is featured on WaooMart by a vendor.

If products by a particular vendor get enough recognition and perform incredibly, WaooMart will offer an opportunity to feature the product of that vendor on Amazon. The payments and percentage policy will be different if a vendor’s products are displayed on Amazon.

Review Policy

As a vendor, you are responsible for ensuring that the products you sell on WaooMart comply with all applicable laws and regulations, are authorized for sale or resale, and do not infringe on intellectual property rights such as copyrights, patents, trademarks or image rights.

Whenever a product is displayed by the vendor on WaooMart, it is first reviewed by our executives and authorities. The product should not violate our terms and conditions. Our review team will verify the product that is being sold on our website. The product must not be broken, or faulty. Furthermore, the pictures provided for the product must also be appropriate. The pictures have to be clear and HD PNG pictures are encouraged. In addition, there must not be any explicitly in the pictures which is not appropriate to be displayed on a website.

The description about your product must not be misleading. In case of wrong and faulty information regarding the vendor’s product, our team will immediately terminate the vendor’s account. The products’ description must not contain any abusive language or unethical words that can make users of the website uncomfortable. A sophisticated product description would be required by the vendor which explains the characteristics and features of the product.

Approval from Brand

If any vendor is selling products from a third party brand, then the vendor must have a legal authority to do so. Vendor must have a legit approval to sell the products from that brand. We won’t entertain your products without a proof or legal notice from that very brand whose products you want to get featured on WaooMart.

It is restrictive that vendors use the name of another brand to sell their own products. The brand name you are using must be unique and only belongs with you. Each brand is registered and no one has the authority to use the name of another brand. WaooMart needs to have complete information about your brand. If these violations are observed, the products will be dissolved and the account of the vendor will be terminated.

Customer Relation Policy

Any communication with the customers will be directly between the WaooMart and the customers. He vendors will not have the access to the contact details of the customers. It is to ensure that all the transaction and communication is done directly by our executives. Meeting the customers outside and trying to communicate the customers directly will breach our privacy policy which may lead your account to get terminated and products get banned permanently.

Customers posting reviews about your products on WaooMart must be dealt with sophistication. No threatening and abusive language is allowed. In case of these violations the vendor’s account will be terminated.


WaooMart uses cookies and other tools that automatically collect information from people when they use the Website, understanding that entering the Website is an unequivocal authorization behavior. The type of information that can be collected in this way includes:

* Information about the Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
* Information about the browser used by the Holder
* Details of the pages visited by the Owner
* IP address
* Clicks
* Hyperlinks
* Queries


WaooMart never compromises over the privacy policy. Depending on the severity of the policy breach, we may take the following actions:

* Check out your listings
* Limit, suspend or block your ability to publish and sell products
* Delete or deregister your inventory from FIA
* Hold your payments