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We earn our reputation for being a highly trusted online shopping website in Pakistan by taking special measures to secure the information our customers share with us. We appreciate your choice of shopping online amazon products with us and we understand your concerns regarding your personal information. The information you share with our website while visiting the website or making online purchases is our special supervision. It is highly recommended for our customers to go through the privacy policy of our website and also any other website before making any other move. This brings you into knowledge about what kind of information is accessed by the websites and how it will be used. your privacy concerns are important for us and thus, we provide a comprehended description of what, where, how, and why your certain information is used by our website to make you online shopping convenient, safe, efficient, and up-to-date with us.

What information we have access to?

Apart from the information you provide us while making purchases online at our website, we also automatically get access to your server, IP address, and browser you are using to enhance the quality of your online experience with us. Certain information like user ID, passwords, contact number, email address, residential address for shipment, and credit card information that you provide yourself is stored in our online customer data records. We ask for all such detailed information about our customers to improve our online services and getting customer feedback. Customer feedback is very necessary and highly appreciated as it helps us to manage, organize, and upgrade our online shopping and delivery services.

What information do you provide us knowingly or unknowingly?

Most of our clients are usually aware of the information we demand but in addition to that, there is also a lot of data and information we get access to when you login, make a search or interact with a product description or place orders. Following is a quick overview of such information so you may know what you are providing us with:
* Your customer login ID
* Your login password
* Your age
* Your contact numbers
* Your server information
* Your browser information
* Email addresses (of you and other people like friends)
* Website browsing history
* Voice search recordings
* Your location
* Your shipment addresses
* Credit card history and information
* Purchasing history
* Interaction with website pages and content

Securing clients’ personal information :

The information we collect from our website visitors is not shared with any third party. We use this information for only website purposes and keep all of your private information confidential from other users of our website and other websites as well. under our website regulation, your personal information like contact, address, emails, and chats are secure and private. Our online shopping and payments system ensure 100% safety of your data through encryption protocols and efficient software. We are obliged to keep a safe record of your information that we use to efficiently fulfill your online shopping services requirements. Sensitive information like customers’ credit card information and data is kept guarded all the time. For double check security of your information, we require identity proofs to eliminate the risk of any mishap. Personal login information like user ID and passwords are safe and we demand our customers not to forget signing off from all the devices from where you access our website.

How? Where? and why we use your information?

To provide our customers with a better shopping experience of amazon products online in Pakistan, we generally request various data from our clients. Customers’ data like contact numbers and emails are beneficial for the website to keep you updated with the latest products and deals. It is your choice to provide or not to provide certain data, but if you do not, you may miss out on many of our offers.

We use your data to direct the products of your choice in your feed. We also access your browsing history when you search for any product on the website, and use this data to display the products and accessories of your interest based on your browsing history. We must make sure our customers are updated with all the new products, deals, offers, promotions, and discounts we offer from time to time. We carry out this obligation by using the email address you provide. So that you are updated with everything even if you are not signed in any device. The private information we require is used to provide an efficient delivery service on time and keep you updated with the progress of your shipment.

Customer choice for the website’s use of their information :

As we do not restrict our customers to provide certain information, you still have control over the information and data you provide us. You can set how you want your information to be used and not to. For instance; if you want to stay updated via emails and not the contact numbers, you can edit the settings. If you do not want to pop up ads of the products of your interest, you can disable certain features in the settings. We care for our customers and want to make sure that we do not disturb them unnecessarily.

If you change any of the information you have previously provided on the website, you can always edit and save the new one. We keep a secure record of all of our clients’ information and data and keep a regular check on the updates.


* In case of any expected business transfers, we tend to transfer all of our customers’ information and data to the partners. Before making any such transfer, we notify our customers and give them a new chance to edit and change their information settings. After the safe transfer of customers’ personal and sensitive data and information, we guarantee the same rather more protection of your information.
* We do not allow customers under age 18 to make purchases online. We take parents/guardian permission before allowing any such activity to keep you, your family, and your online account safe.
* We prevent the liability of any fraud or abuse while using your personal information.
* Your correct personal and shipping information is extremely important for the shipment of your packages. So, make sure you enter the right information while confirming your order. For further concerns and any type of query, you can always feel free to contact our customer service and privacy services where you can get any information about our customer care and policies in detail.