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Find the best Electric Toothbrush for Oral Hygiene in 2021

It’s a common fact that an electric toothbrush is better for maintaining oral hygiene than a manual one because it can reach the tiny creases and spaces between teeth more efficiently. On top of that, most electric toothbrushes come with a handy range of settings that the user can set their brush at. 

According to science journalist Taylor Norris on healthline, electric brushes tend to be better because according to a "review of studies... electric toothbrushes do decrease more plaque and gingivitis than manual toothbrushes."

Source: Is It Better to Use an Electric or a Manual Toothbrush?, March 2019

Today’s blog will give you tips on how to buy the best electric toothbrush for oral hygiene. We will also give you suggestions on the 5 best electric toothbrushes you can buy!

It is true that the right toothbrush largely depends on one’s personal preference. Some people prefer a classic brush that isn’t costly, while others prefer to browse stores for a more stylish toothbrush even if it is more pricey. Likewise, some people prefer to purchase an electric toothbrush despite the expense.  

Although the American Dental Association notes that both types of brushes can work equally well to clean your teeth, a powered toothbrush helps the user get over some bad brushing habits, like not brushing for long enough or failing to hit tricky spots.

The following are a few tips to keep in mind when buying an electric toothbrush!

What type of electric toothbrush to buy:

There are various types of toothbrushes available, and they all work in varying ways! Following are the different types of blushes.

  • Counter-oscillating: has the same head shape as oscillating brushes, but the clusters of the bristles rotate in different directions simultaneously. So, each tuft rotates in the opposite direction to those next to it.
  • Dual head: combines two heads in one. So, one part rotates, and the other sweeps from side to side.
  • Pulsing: brushes that pulsate make the head move backward and forward against the teeth while it’s spinning to help dislodge plaque
  • Rotating: its bristles can be arranged in a circle that rotates or individual tufts that spin
  • Rotating-oscillating: it’s small, round head oscillates and rotates in one direction and then the other, cleaning one tooth at a time
  • Side-to-side: sweeps from side to side at high speed
  • Sonic and ultrasonic: vibrates at certain high frequencies to help break down plaque. Sonic brushes also drive cleaning fluid between teeth to help dislodge the plaque

How long will the battery last?

There is a vast difference in the life of rechargeable batteries. Tests have shown that the best batteries lasted for around 184 minutes, or six and a half weeks (if used to brush twice a day for 2 minutes). On the other hand, the least powerful brush battery needed recharging after only 16 brushes. 

So, before buying an electric toothbrush, consider how often you will have to charge it. That also depends on the kind of person you are! If you can keep the charger ready and the battery constantly topped up, then choosing a model with a powerful battery is not that important for you. But if you prefer to keep the charger packed away, or take long trips without the charger, look for a toothbrush with a long-lasting battery.

How often to replace the head?

Electric toothbrush heads must be replaced once the bristles are worn. Since replacements tend to be costly, it is preferable to buy multi-packs that can work with your brush. Most brushes from Oral B and Philips Sonicare can be used with a range of different brush heads as they are designed to give a more specific clean depending on what you’re looking for from whitening, to flossing, to multi-directional cleaning. 

 How much to spend on an electric toothbrush?

It can be challenging to settle for a price appropriate for buying an electric toothbrush, primarily because of the wide variety of brands, types, and even price range of toothbrushes available. One thing to be kept in mind is that a higher price does not necessarily mean better cleaning! This is just like other products you can buy, like a bag, perfume, or a computer. 

So, don’t be fooled by an expensive brush that doesn’t even do its job correctly! Reviews also show that there’s no direct correlation between price and quality. This means that you can pay less than PKR 7000 for the best buy or over PKR 10,000 for an electric toothbrush that doesn’t reach that level. 

Whether you go for a quality buy that costs less or for a more expensive model, it cannot be denied that electric toothbrushes do cost more than regular toothbrushes. What are the benefits of paying more for such a brush? They do, in fact, exceed manual brushes. This is because electric brushes have varied brushing modes and heads, which give the user a handier and personalized brushing experience. Some of the main benefits are:

  • Choice: the customer can choose from a variety of designs, including those made for whitening purposes, for sensitive teeth, or those made for people wearing braces
  • Smart functionality: some even connect the toothbrush with a smartphone app so the user can see exactly where they’re cleaning and manage to achieve better brushing results in real-time 
  • Accessories: come with fancy and practical accessories like travel cases or glass tumblers that double as chargers

Now that you know how to buy the best electric toothbrush to suit you, here are some brushes for your perusal. 

5 Best Electric Toothbrushes

  1. Electric Waterpik Toothbrush: This is a toothbrush and water flosser combo, making Waterpik a 2-for-1 gadget. Also, this is twice as effective as traditional brushing and flossing as it reduces plaque and improves gum health
  2. Foreo ISSA 2 Toothbrush: This brush is a breakthrough in battery-operated toothbrushes, mainly because it uses a pulsing silicone brush with bristles that are 35 times more hygienic instead of the usual rotating bristle brush. The head needs to be replaced once a year, and the battery lasts around 6 months.
  3. Oral-B GENIUS X Electric Toothbrush: This brush happens to be the number one recommended brush, and for a good reason! It allows for thorough cleansing and best hygiene due to its oscillating and rotating bristles, which have 48,000 brush movements. In comparison, a manual brush only allows for 600 movements
  4. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Toothbrush: The head of this brush has with a small diameter head, with a 2-minute timer. Users prefer it because of its size and also because it comes with a convenient travel case. 
  5. Rotadent Contour: This toothbrush is the best for sensitive gums. Its soft bristles minimize damage to the gum. The brush automatically shuts off after 2 and a half minutes, and the charging lasts up to 3 weeks.

Go ahead and shop for the best electric toothbrush to suit you and take care of your teeth!